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Irvine Personal Injury Attorney

IRVINE PERSONAL INJURY ATTORNEYIf you have received an injury at the hands of another person's neglect or carelessness, you may be eligible to receive compensation. An Irvine personal injury attorney can review your case to see if it meets the criteria. Such a wide variety of occurrences falls under the personal injury category. Therefore, you may not know that you qualify until you speak with a trusted attorney. To arrange a meeting, all you need to do is make contact. This type of attorney can help you with the following types of cases plus more.

Slip and fall

If you have slipped and hurt yourself on a wet or slippery floor, the first place you need to go is an attorney’s office. The courts may find the establishment you hurt yourself in responsible for your injury. If you have slipped on ice or tripped on a toy, you could be looking at receiving a large settlement from the homeowner. Any person who owns a home or a business is responsible for the safety of his or her patrons and visitors. If the organization or person failed to remove the hazard or notify you of the hazard, an attorney can help you collect cash. 

Automobile Accident

An Irvine personal injury attorney can assess the events leading up to an automobile accident and let you know what your chances are. In most cases, the other driver is responsible for causing the accident by failing to yield to the appropriate laws. Drunk or intoxicated drivers can also receive a charge for personal injury. A personal injury lawyer specializes in establishing the fault in an automobile accident. This person can help you to receive a settlement that could cover your automobile repairs, medical bills and household bills. 

Dog Bites

Some people do not understand that dog bites are eligible for compensation. For a dog to escape and bite another human being, the owner must have been negligent in some way. The person may not have trained the dog properly, or he or she may not been supervising it properly. Either way, a dog bite that goes poorly can warrant a personal injury settlement. 

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An Irvine personal injury attorney can also cover medical malpractice and other types of incidents. Nadrich & Cohen are successful legal representatives that have a history of getting clients the largest settlements. To arrange a consultation, simply call (714) 799-1651 or complete the online form for assistance.

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