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A Potential Fix to Prevent Future Devastating Wildfires

The most recent destructive fires will be traced to downed utility power lines or electrical equipment malfunctions. Electrical infrastructure is the suspected problem or cause.

Certain newspapers such as the LA Times have proposed an effective way to reduce the risk of wildfire.  They suggest to shut the power off when and where wind and drought create wildfire risk. All other options for preventing these fires, such as placing power lines underground or trimming trees that threaten power infrastructure religiously, will not only take too long but probably be impractical because there are thousands of miles of power infrastructure that needs to be taken care of and everything is prone to error.

An idea would be to turn off whole sections of the electrical grid. California would have to build a backup power supply for households and businesses in high risk wildfire areas. This can be accomplished through solar and battery setups or microgrids in business areas. This is essentially distributing clean energy in an individualized power generation and storage process. It is a whole new idea. It would be an idea to shut down the risk of destructive wildfires. It could also create new jobs throughout California.

Though costly, it would seem to be better than bailing out utilities after devastating wildfires. It will cost many billions but it beats what we are doing which is nothing.

Nadrich & Cohen is heavily involved representing home owners and businesses who lost everything due to the Camp/Paradise and Malibu/Woolsey fires. We are representing victims against the utilities on a contingency basis. That means no cost to you.

Our clients will never have to pay ten cents out of their pocket. We already have 100 Camp Fire cases and 35 Woolsey cases. If we can help you, please contact us at either 310-826-8082 or 530-792-9108.

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