It’s a tough job to be a truck driver. In the US, trucking is still one of the deadliest occupations, even with all the improvements in vehicle safety technology. In fact, it has been reported that trucking had the most work-related fatalities in 2015, more than any other occupation.

The burden of a trucking accident, however, isn’t solely carried by the industry. It is estimated that these trucking accidents cost Americans around $20 billion a year. More importantly, however, these accidents cost lives of both truckers and others. In the last few years, there had been an estimated 2.3 deaths for every 100 million miles driven by trucks. This is not a small number considering that trucks travel the most miles in a year out of all other vehicles.

Industry statistics say that around 90% of accidents are caused by driver error, and the top cause of this is driver fatigue. Drivers are often forced to choose between safety and productivity, which should never be the case. Also, long hours coupled with low pay leads to a very high annual turnover that puts a lot of inexperienced hands on these massive vehicles.

To further compound this problem, truck drivers don’t have complete control over their work environment. This is why other people – motorists and pedestrians, on the road need to take necessary precautions when in the presence of trucks. Nobody wants to get into an accident, and knowing what to do when sharing the road with such large vehicles can only benefit everybody involved.

For the purpose of educating both truck drivers and other motorists, Boulder personal injury attorney created an infographic called “How To Avoid Truck Accidents”. It is an easy to understand visual guide that has the necessary information any driver needs to prevent truck accidents. This infographic, as well as other helpful accident-related articles, can be found in the Tenge Law Blog.