Bay Point Motorcycle Accident Kills Kenneth Jasper Jr.

Bay Point, CA (May 13, 2018) –  A car-motorcycle accident on the afternoon of May 13 has led to fatality. The fatal crash happened on Alves Lane in Bay Point.

Pittsburg resident Kenneth Jasper Jr.,age 32, died at the accident scene. The crash occurred when a Chevrolet Cruze pulled out in front of the motorcycle that Jasper was driving.  Jasper was riding on Alves Lane going approximately 30 mph. The Cruze turned left directly in front of the motorcycle and was going only about 5 mph.

Jasper swerved to avoid the Cruze, but the motorcycle overturned and crashed directly into the right front of the Cruze. The driver of the Cruze remained at the accident scene.No arrests were made.

Our heartfelt condolences go out to the friends and loved ones of Kenneth Jasper Jr.

Any time there is a fatal accident, an extensive investigation will be conducted by law enforcement. As part of the traffic collision investigation, the authorities will take photos of the accident scene, compile measurements at the scene and collect any other relevant evidence which may aid investigation of the crash.

Once the evidence has been compiled and assembled, an investigation team will review the accident cause, which could conclude the use of alcohol or drugs by one or both drivers, vehicle speed, roadway obstructions and other factors.

Once the negligent party or parties have been identified, the accident victim’s family may be able to pursue a wrongful death or personal injury lawsuit against all responsible parties.

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