70-Year-old Man Dies After Veering into Oncoming Traffic in Yuba City

Yuba City, CA (October 23, 2018) – A man died in a head-on accident in Yuba City. The fatal crash happened on the evening of October 23 on State Route 70.

Four vehicles were involved in the accident, which occurred after a 70-year-old man driving a GMC veered into oncoming traffic. Three vehicles – a Dodge, Toyota and Hyundai – tried to avoid the GMC but could not stop in time. All four vehicles collided and were scattered all over the road.

The driver of the GMC died in the crash. The others involved suffered minor injuries. The driver of the Hyundai and a passenger in the Dodge were taken to a local hospital.

Our heartfelt condolences go out to the friends and loved ones of the victim

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