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Tony Aversa Injured in Attack at 710 Beach Club

Victim Assaulted in San Diego by Angry Customer Over Mask Law

San Diego, CA (September 2020) – A bar manager was injured when a customer attacked him over a mask law. The incident occurred over Labor Day weekend at the 710 Beach Club in San Diego.

Tony Aversa, the bar manager, was attacked when a group arrived at the bar without face masks. He greeted a man who asked to see the manager. The customer claimed that the security guard was rude to him. Aversa asked the customer to wear a mask. He refused, pushing a female bartender. Aversa and the security guard got between the customer and the bartender. 

That was when another man attacked him. Aversa got hit across the face and felt his nose pop out of place. He blacked out and there was blood gushing everywhere. 

Aversa ended up with a broken nose and sinus cavity. He got surgery the following week. Aversa has filed a police report.

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