Accidents And Injuries

Accidents And Injuries

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, each year hundreds of thousands of people are injured in traffic accidents, and over 33,000 Americans are killed nationwide. Cars, motorcycles, bicycles, trucks and buses all compete for space on roads that are increasingly crowded. While each accident is unique, they all share one thing in common – the potential for injury to a victim.

How to Handle a Car Accident Claim

It is very important for an accident victim to consult with a traffic accident lawyer. An attorney specializing in traffic accidents can advise victims of their right to compensation for medical treatment, wage loss, pain and suffering and more.

The proportion of injured passenger vehicle occupants who were occupants of light trucks increased to 36 percent in 2012, from 34 percent in 2003, while the proportion of injured passenger car occupants declined from 66 percent to 64 percent over these same years.

Nadrich & Cohen, LLP, handles the following types of traffic accidents:


1) Driver Fatigue. Having to contend with heavy traffic and gridlock is enough to wear anyone out. Fatigue is particularly a problem with truck drivers who must meet delivery times and dates.

2) Excessive Speed. Everyone seems to be in a hurry in today’s break-neck pace, but with this impatience can come tragic results.

3) Aggressive Driving. People who otherwise do not exhibit aggressive tendencies often become aggressive when they get behind the wheel of a car. Tailgating, flashing lights at other motorists, and cutting off other vehicles are all dangerous examples of aggression.

4) Drunk Driving. Many thousands of people have lost their lives needlessly because of those who drink and drive.

5) Road and Weather Conditions. Icy roads, sleet, snow, hail, as well as potholes and obstructions on the road surface are dangerous and cause many accidents.

6) Distracted Driving. This is a particularly troubling problem as more and more drivers apply make-up, talk on cell phones, eat meals, and even text while driving. The U.S. Department of Transportation reports that distracted driving has risen to epidemic levels on our roads and highways.

In fatal crashes in 2012, 79 percent of passenger vehicle occupants who were totally ejected from vehicles were killed. Ejection from the vehicle is one of the most injurious events that can happen to a person in a crash. In passenger cars, 18 percent of fatally injured occupants were ejected (totally or partially) from the vehicle, while 34 percent of those killed in light trucks were ejected.
Traffic accident victims

Traffic accident victims often suffer serious injuries that can affect them for years to come. The personal injury attorneys of Nadrich & Cohen, LLP can help you obtain compensation to help you during the difficult times ahead. Don’t wait. Contact us today for a free case evaluation, by calling 1-800-718-4658, or by completing the contact form on this page. A member of our Accident Injury Team will contact you within 24 hours of your request.


Accidents occur so suddenly and unexpectedly that they tend to leave victims shaken and unable to think clearly. It is a good idea to have in mind the steps you need to take before an accident occurs. You may even want to make a list of these steps and keep it in your car with your registration and insurance information.

1. Check to See if Anyone Is Injured. The first thing you should do is determine whether you or anyone in your car is injured, then check with persons in other affected vehicles.

2. Call the Police. Do this even if you don’t think you were injured or the vehicles were badly damaged. It is very important to have a police report. Do not tell the police that you are not injured. Some injuries only manifest themselves days after the accident, such as soft tissue injuries to the back or neck.

3. Take Notes about the Accident. Take pictures of the accident scene and vehicles involved. You might use the camera on your cell phone, and note feature on your phone.

4. Exchange Insurance Company Information. Get this information from all motorists involved in the accident.

5. Talk to Witnesses. Get names and contact information of any witnesses.

6. Seek Medical Attention. You need to do this even if you don’t think you are hurt badly.

7. Contact a Personal Injury Lawyer. If you don’t, you will have to contend with the defendant’s insurance company yourself while you are recuperating.


Yes, it is important to note that if there is any damage to a vehicle, insurance companies are sure to be involved. Should you be injured because of another’s negligence, an adjuster with the defendant’s insurance company will want extensive information from you. This individual is not on your side. In fact, there are typically several insurance company defenses and objections that we must overcome in order to get the best results for our clients. Following an accident, you should contact a traffic accident lawyer as soon as possible. A traffic accident attorney will work on a contingency basis, which means that he or she will only be paid if a settlement is obtained. You have nothing to lose in requesting a free consultation with a personal injury attorney, and everything to gain.

Call the traffic injury lawyers of Nadrich & Cohen, LLP for a free consultation. Our California car accident lawyers can advise you of your rights following an accident. Contact us today for a free consultation by calling 1-800-718-4658, or by completing the contact form on this page. A member of our Accident Injury team will respond to your request, within 24 hours.