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Dealing with Jeffrey Nadrich and the law firm of Nadrich & Cohen is a pleasure. I emailed information about the prospect, they contact them immediately and I mean immediately.

Their policy is to close prospect as quickly as possible and they do it. And of course, the biggest thing that matters — the end result.

They have obtained top-dollar settlements for my referrals.

They handle cases virtually in any part of California and for all these reasons they are the choice to consider for California personal injury counsel.”

-Jason Waechter, Esq.


I have known Mr. Nadrich for several years. I have worked with him on various cases. I know his office is committed to their clients.

Mr. Nadrich and his office are hardworking and obtain great results. I endorse Mr. Nadrich, without reservation.

-Richard Katz, Esq.


I endorse this lawyer. I’ve been practicing law here in Los Angeles for over 40 years, primarily personal injury and workers compensation. I’ve gotten to know the best in the business, and Jeff Nadrich is one of them. Hands down he evaluates cases better than anyone I know, an quickly.

The range of cases he handles and is expert in handling is astounding. From mass torts, to product defect, to elder abuse, to slip/fall, to run of the mill auto accident, he4 has the great experience in handling them all. I’m working with him on a number of cases now, and he’s great to partner with on cases too. Very caring for the injured client or deceased’s family also. Quite a guy and a great lawyer and law firm.

-Jeffrey Geren, Esq.


I endorse this lawyer.

-Paula Bliss, Esq.

joseph saunders

I have known Jeff for more than ten years and I have worked with him and his firm as co-counsel on a number of cases. Jeff is an experienced and skilled lawyer who cares about his clients.

I highly recommend him.

-Joseph Saunders, Esq.


I am proud to endorse Jeff Nadrich. He and his firm are top notch in personal injury. They are smart, responsive, and aggressive for every client I refer to them. They get great recoveries for people.

I have referred many clients to Jeff and they have always reported to me how happy they were with his services

-Catherine Caraway-Howard, Esq.


I endorse this lawyer.

Jeff has decades of experience in personal injury cases. He is an articulate and skillful advocate.

-Basil Plastiras, Esq.


Jeff is one of the best!!!! I wouldn’t hesitate to hire him if I needed a great PI lawyer.

-Benjamin Tryk, Esq.

bill margolin

I endorse this lawyer. He has helped hundreds of people who are injured for many years.

-William Margolin, Esq.


Jeff is a cutting edge attorney who brings excellent insight to the prosecution of his cases. I endorse Jeff.

-Robert Bryson, Esq.


I endorse this lawyer. Jeff is consistently on top of things and very pleasant to work with as a co-counsel or in a referral arrangement.

-Stuart Chandler, Esq.


I have referred a number of cases to Jeff over the years; the ones he takes, he goes to great lengths to win the liability and maximize the recovery.

Terrific results, satisfied clients. Among the best PI lawyers working in this city. Automobiles, motorcycles, dog bites, slip and fall: they are all in Jeff’s wheelhouse. Let him hit a home run for you.

-Richard Baum, Esq.


Jeff Nadrich is an attorney who cares deeply about his clients and is passionate about the law.

-Brett Blumstein, Esq.

jane hall

Jeffrey is handling several of my clients’ personal injury matters. He has a great team to bring these matters to fruition.

His many years of experience allow him to assess and advocate at a much higher level of competency and his advocacy skills are exceptional.

-Jane Hall, Esq.

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