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Bicycle Accidents Claim More Lives

Cycling can be a great form of recreation and exercise. It can even be an eco-friendly alternative to driving in some scenarios. It seems that recently, bicycling has regained much of its early appeal. Given all of this, there still remains a degree of vulnerability on the road for bicycle riders.

In recent years, the number of bicycle accidents seems to have risen. It is not a rare thing to read about bicycle accidents in the newspaper. The Salt Lake Tribune recently featured a story about a young 12-year old boy who was struck by a car in a crosswalk.

Utah Bicycle Accident

The Tribune reported that the boy was struck in the crosswalk at night while he wasn’t wearing any reflective or safety gear. After only a few days in the hospital, the young boy died. Mark Williams, an attorney writing for, had this to say about the incident:

“Our hearts break every time we read about such sad events. As parents, we can only imagine the grief felt by the parents who have lost their son.”

These sentiments are echoed by the many groups who are advocating for awareness of cycling laws for both cyclists and drivers.

Dangers of Inattentiveness

Inattentiveness is an all around danger when it comes to cycling. Problems can arise when drivers of automobiles are inattentive to cyclists, when cyclists are inattentive to drivers and especially when cyclists are inattentive to safety laws that protect cyclists.

Being aware of the laws governing bicycling can help both drivers and cyclists to share the road in charitable way. Our sympathies go out to the family that lost their son in this accident as well as all families who have lost loved ones due to bicycle accidents. Please remember to follow these safety procedures when cycling and when driving on the road with cyclists to help prevent such accidents as the one described above.

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