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10 of the Best Cycling States in the U.S.

If you’re an avid rider looking to celebrate, you’ll want to know where your state ranks on the list. States such as Kansas, Kentucky and Alabama ranked at the bottom of the list and still have a long way to go to becoming bicyclist-friendly, but who ranked at the top of the list and which states have made great strides in recent years?

As bicycle accident attorneys and cycling advocates we applaud the strides that California has made over the last decade to better educate the public about cycling safety. California is ranked as the eighth most bike-friendly state in the. California has long been bicycle friendly, with many of its larger cities, like Los Angeles, San Diego and San Francisco, being among some of the first U.S. cities to create bike lanes.

10 of the Best Cycling States in the U.S.

The rankings are released by The League of American Bicyclists. Washington holds the top spot for the eight consecutive year. The state ensures adequate funding is in place to promote bicycling through educational programs and improved bike-friendly infrastructure. In fact, the state is so “pro-cyclist” that there are laws in place to give bicyclists more roadway rights than motorists.

Minnesota took second place for the second year in the row. The state, along with 24 others, has a law that requires motorists to stay at least three feet away from a cyclist when passing. Pennsylvania moved up seven spots to number 12 after the state passed a comprehensive transportation plan that allotted $2 million to biking projects. Massachusetts, which took the number 10 spot last year, advanced to number 4 this year after the state created a bond to set aside $400 million for walking and biking projects. Utah also made some strides, moving up three places to the number 5 spot thanks to improvements in cycling education and infrastructure.

The top 10 bicycle-friendly states are as follows:

  1. Washington
  2. Minnesota
  3. Delaware
  4. Massachusetts
  5. Utah
  6. Oregon
  7. Colorado
  8. California
  9. Wisconsin
  10. Maryland

Rankings were based on each state’s progress in five key areas: policies and programs, legislation and enforcement, evaluation and planning, infrastructure and funding, and education and encouragement. Information was compiled from surveys completed by bicycling advocates as well as transportation departments in each state.

It is hopeful that each state will find ways to make improvements to the roads and highways and make them safer for bicyclists. While many motorists frown upon bicyclists because they are slower and more difficult to see, increased bicycle ridership has many benefits. For example, air pollution and roadway congestion is lessened, while cyclists gain health benefits and save money.

Top 10 States In U.S. for Riding Bikes

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