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Most Common Causes of Bicycle Accidents

Bike Riders and Drivers have the same responsibilities.

Remember, the law is that bicycle riders and automobiles must follow the same rules of the road. Since automobiles must stop at a stop sign, bicyclists must stop at a stop sign. Bicyclists always have to ride with traffic. Bicyclists must travel in the same direction as automobiles.

Bicycle Accident Lawyers
Bicycle Accident Lawyers

Below is a checklist of the seven most common causes of Bike Accidents.

  • The bicycle rider using the wrong side of the road;
  • The auto driver making an unsafe left or right turn;
  • The bicyclist is riding from the driveway or sidewalk into the path of a car;
  • The automobile driver opens the door right before or as the bicycle passes. We call that a “dooring” case;
  • The bicyclist starts to weave, leaving the edge of the road or the bike lane;
  • The bicyclist makes an unsafe left turn, and;
  • The bicyclist is in an accident at night and does not have any headlights or reflectors.

Whenever there is a bike lane, you must use it if you are moving slower than traffic speed. You can leave the lane only when necessary to pass another bicycle, vehicle or pedestrian, or when you are getting ready to turn left, or when necessary to avoid parked cars or other objects.

Always give a proper hand signal when turning or stopping. The correct signals are, for a left turn, your left arm should be straight out pointing left, for a right turn your left arm should be pointed straight up or your right arm straight out pointing left. For a stop, the left arm should be pointed straight down.

The following are safety tips we provide as a public service to readers of our website and our clients. We hope this can help you.

  1. Always cross sewer gratings and railroad tracks at an angle;
  2. Always stay in single file when riding your bicycle with others;
  3. Always cross busy intersections by walking your bicycle;
  4. Wear shoes. Try not to allow your toes to get caught in any moving parts;
  5. Avoid long skirts and flared or bell bottom pants. If you have to wear such pants, clasp the pants to your leg with a clip or leg band;
  6. Clip or band your hair to keep it from blocking vision;
  7. At all times proper safety equipment. Always wear bright clothing, an approved bicycle helmet, safety goggles and the like.

You should, before leaving a lane, give a hand signal. Headphones covering both ears may not be worn while operating a bicycle. A helmet is required for every person under 18 years old including operating a bicycle or being a passenger.

For night riding, a bicycle must be equipped with a light, reflectors, red rear reflector and white or yellow reflectors on front and back of each pedal and white or yellow reflectors on each side forward of center of the bicycle and red or white reflectors on each side rear of the center.


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