Bike Sharing Now in Downtown Los Angeles

Bike sharing has finally arrived in downtown Los Angeles. Long a feature in European cities like Amsterdam and Paris, and now popular in New York, the bike-share has finally arrived in downtown Los Angeles.

The flat terrain of downtown Los Angeles is perfect for cycling. Over the past two decades, Los Angeles has made a strong effort to clean up and develop the downtown area. Thousands of new housing units are built there every year. After Los Angeles’ pro sports teams the Lakers and the Kings moved to the Staples Center, it completely revitalized the entire area. The city’s coolest art galleries, coffee houses, restaurants and international hotels are now situated in downtown Los Angeles.

One of the most recent developments in downtown Los Angeles has been the installation of bike-sharing stations. Angelenos can now rent a bike for a short period of time without having to own a bike. Metro Bike Share is now set up all over the downtown area, and it’s made touring downtown Los Angeles much easier, convenient, and cheaper.

Bike Sharing Downtown LA

Metro Bike Share, Downtown LA

The system works like this: you go to a Metro Bike Share station, and with a credit card, a Metro TAP card, or a monthly pass, you rent a bike for a short time and can return it to any Metro Bike Share station when you’re done.

The walk-up price for Metro Bike Share is $3.50 for the first 30 minutes. If you plan on doing this often, the best deal is a monthly pass for $20 per month which will give you unlimited thirty-minute rides all month, with additional time costing you $1.75 for each additional 30 minutes.

So now you can park your car in a central place, then get a bike from the nearest Metro Bike Share station to tour the downtown area.

As bicycle accident attorneys in downtown LA we know all too well the dangers cyclists face on busy streets. Therefore, we strongly encourage all bike share riders to follow the same safety protocols as they would if they were riding their personal bikes, such as making sure to bring reflective clothing and a working light for nighttime rides.

bicycle safety Tips

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