Green Line Trolley

Green Line Trolley

The Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority has revealed that the operator of the Green Line trolley that struck the Jeep Grand Cherokee carrying several Boston College students, shortly after midnight on April 24, was speeding at the time of the vehicle accident. The operator of the MBTA Green Line trolley was suspended after investigators discovered that he had been traveling almost
25 miles per hour above the speed limit at the time of the accident, transit officials said Friday.

Trolley Was Traveling Too Fast Before It Crashed

It was determined that the trolley’s speed was approaching 35 mph in a 10 mph zone when the collision occurred, said Richard Davey, general manager of the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority.  The students were attempting to make a legal U-turn at the Commonwealth Avenue intersection when they were hit by the trolley. No one was reported to have sustained a serious injury.

Eight Boston College students, including three members of the national champion hockey team, were riding in the sport utility vehicle at the time of the collision with the Green Line trolley. “We’re pleased. The Boston College students feel like they have been exonerated,” Jack Dunn, director of public affairs at Boston College, said.

“I’m very disappointed in the T. They were very aggressive in assigning blame to the students in a way I think to protect their own reputation,” Dunn said. “In retrospect, all of their accusations proved to be untrue.” Richard Davey, general manager of the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority said, “It was not a good day for either Boston College or the MBTA.” Davey would not agree that his agency rushed to judgment in its accusation of the Boston College students.

MBTA Blamed Students For Vehicle Accident

The MBTA had promised to pursue criminal charges, especially against the driver of the SUV. Those charges have since been quietly dropped. If you have had an accident or suffered personal injury while traveling on public transportation, contact Nadrich & Cohen today at 800-718-4658 and speak to a qualified personal injury lawyer, we can help you preserve your rights.

The trolley accident made news nationally and has continued to be an embarrassment to Boston College. BC had just won the national hockey championship before the vehicle accident. All eight SUV passengers were cited for being in a vehicle with open containers of alcohol, including BC hockey players Philip Samuelsson, Patrick Wey and Parker Milner, and were fined $500 each, MBTA and school officials said.

Although none of the occupants of the SUV were older than 19, police investigators reportedly found open cans of beer and an unopened bottle of vodka in the vehicle. The SUV’s driver, Jane Stanton, was cited for two minor traffic violations but authorities said she had not been drinking. No criminal charges were filed in the vehicle accident.

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