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Another Consumer Safety Alert from Personal injury lawyer of Nadrich & Cohen

A dresser can be a dangerous thing. Falling dressers regularly kill or injure people – especially children. You’ve probably seen that video posted on CNN by the parents of twin boys, one of whom was rescued by the other after the dresser the boys were climbing on fell on them, trapping one underneath it.

Falling Dressers to Young Children

The father of the boys told the media that he initially hadn’t intended to post the surveillance footage of the one boy rescuing his brother from under the fallen dresser. But he decided to post it to warn other parents of the dangers that can befall unattended kids climbing on dressers.

How common are dresser tip-overs?

Of 38,000 emergency department-treated injuries and the 430 reported fatalities that were caused by dressers that tipped over in the past decade, the following figures are noteworthy:

Fallen dressers injure far more children than adults or seniors:

  • 57% of the injuries involved children under age 18 years;
  • 35% of the injuries involved adults aged 18 through 59 years; and
  • 8% of the injuries involved seniors, ages 60 years and older.

Regarding fatalities due to fallen dressers, the statistics are similarly distributed among age groups:

  • There were 360 deaths (84%) involving children from ages 1 month to 10 years;
  • There were 19 deaths (4%) involving adults from the ages of 28 to 59 years; and
  • There were 51 deaths (12%) involving seniors aged 60 years or older.

Danger of Falling Dressers to Young Children

The parents of the children in the viral video stated that their house was baby-proofed, but they didn’t even think of baby-proofing the dresser.  Personal Injury Lawyers of Nadrich & Cohen, LLP encourages all parents and child caretakers to examine any dressers in their home to confirm that the furniture piece has been secured to the wall and is not prone to tip over.