The fatal March 18 involving a pedestrian and an Uber self-driving car has already been resolved. The daughter of the deceased 49-year-old woman hired a Glendale, Arizona law firm to represent her after her mother was killed by the Uber car while crossing a road in Tempe at night.

The victim’s family is keeping the results confidential. No details were disclosed, except that a receptionist at the law firm confirmed that the case had indeed been resolved. According to experts, given that the accident led to a wrongful death, a payout of $1 million to $3 million would be reasonable.

Uber could have defended itself based on the fact that the woman was outside of a crosswalk when the accident occurred. However, the cost of defending their case would easily exceed hundreds of thousands of dollars, not to mention the time involved. An out-of-court settlement would be much easier.

Police released a video of the crash and it showed disadvantages to both sides of the case. The video showed the backup driver distracted during the crash, while the victim did not appear to see the vehicle coming toward her.

Uber had no comment. The rideshare company did pull 94 test vehicles off the road after Gov. Doug Ducey ordered that they stay off roads in Arizona.

Evidence in Cases Involving Autonomous Vehicles

To replicate the experience of using a human driver, self-driving vehicles are built with an immense amount of technology. Dashcams, sensors, radar, connectivity, software, control algorithms and app data provide a ton of information that allows car manufacturers to analyze the driving ability of these autonomous vehicles. This data is used to improve vehicles even more to reduce accidents and keep roads safe.

While having access to all this modern technology is great for auto manufacturers, it can also be a downfall in some. In the event of an accident, the car’s “black box” can be examined to see what types of information can be used as evidence in the case. For example, if it shows that the vehicle was speeding or did not stop at a red light, for example, and these actions led to an accident, the self-driving vehicle – and its manufacturer – can be considered liable.

While this technology makes it easier for victims to prove their case, it’s hard to gain access to all this information without a lawyer. A car accident lawyer can gather all the pertinent data to move the case forward quickly.

What To Do If You’re Injured In An Uber Accident.

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