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Vaping Use Among High School Students In Los Angeles County

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E-cigarette use has been in the news a lot lately, as hundreds of people have been showing up at healthcare providers with mysterious lung illnesses which are believed to be linked to vaping. Federal health officials have spent recent weeks investigating reports of severe symptoms related to e-cigarette use, including chest pain, shortness of breath, vomiting, and even death.

E-cigarette use is disturbingly popular among high school students, with 10% of high school students in Los Angeles County currently using e-cigarettes in 2017-2018. E-cigarette use is becoming increasingly popular with high school students nationwide. The latest reports indicate that just over 6% of high school students nationwide report using e-cigarettes in 2015-2016.

E-cigarettes are by far the most commonly used tobacco products among Los Angeles County high school students. In fact, the rate of traditional cigarette smoking by LA County high school students has hit a historical low of just 1.7%. Flavored tobacco products are especially popular, as 83% of current high school tobacco users in LA County reported using a flavored tobacco product. Flavored tobacco products are popular across all genders, races, ethnicities and grades of high school students in the county.

Seven deaths nationwide appear to be linked to vaping-related illnesses since April 2019, including one in Los Angeles County.  Los Angeles health officials report that the person was over the age of 55 and had other chronic health conditions. Twelve people in Los Angeles County have been hospitalized for e-cigarette related illnesses. Almost all of these people had vaped using THC-infused products and one-third of them were older adults.

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A Los Angeles teenager began an anti-vaping campaign online from her hospital bed last week. She says she ended up in the hospital because of vaping. The teenager’s lungs failed due to e-cigarette use and she had to be put on a ventilator. The teenager wrote on Instagram, “Vaping is advertised as ‘a healthier alternative to smoking’ which is false. whether it’s nicotine or weed vaping can be fatal.”

There have been 57 cases of acute lung disease reported in California, since late June 2019, among people who have recently vaped, according to state health officials.

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