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Boy Scouts Abuse Lawsuit 2020


Boy Scouts of America files contain the names of 7,819 volunteers accused of sexually abusing children, according to a child sex abuse expert. The expert reviewed files from the years 1944 to 2016. She said the files also contained the names of 12,254 victims. Some of the files reviewed, over 14,500 pages of files from the years 1965 to 1985, were ordered to be publicly released in 2012. These files included the names of 432 alleged pedophiles in California.

The attorneys of Nadrich & Cohen are actively investigating claims of Boy Scouts sexual abuse and molestation throughout the country. Our team of Boy Scouts Abuse Lawsuit attorneys continue to actively investigate and pursue claims on behalf of Boy Scouts and Eagle Scouts who were sexually abused by Scoutmasters, chaperones or other scout activity participants. You may be entitled to financial compensation if you were sexually abused or molested by anyone affiliated with Boy Scouts of America activities. Contact us today for a free and confidential consultation by calling 1-800-718-4658, using the live chat or completing the contact form on this page. Contact us today.

Boy Scout Perversion Files

boy scouts perversion files

The Boy Scouts of America mission statement reads, “The mission of the Boy Scouts of America is to prepare young people to make ethical and moral choices over their lifetimes by instilling in them the values of the Scout Oath and Law.” However, it appears some questionable ethical and moral choices are evidenced by the “perversion files.” The files include a letter where a Scouts executive wrote, “This subject and Scouts were not prosecuted to save the name of Scouting.” The letter referred to a scoutmaster who confessed to sexually abusing three children. No charges were ever filed against the scoutmaster. The files include another letter written by a Scouts executive; the executive wrote, “I would like to let this case drop… one father has threatened legal action which could only injure the Boy Scouts of America. My personal opinion in this particular case is, ‘If it don’t stink, don’t stir it.’” 130 of the accused in the list are in New York, which means the recently passed Child Victims Act could expose them to criminal charges.

The files include evidence that alleged pedophiles continued to serve the Boy Scouts, after the allegations against them were known, due to local Scouts officials’ pressure. The files also show that about 1/3 of accusations that Boy Scouts of America were aware of were never passed on to the police. This runs contrary to the Boy Scouts of America Youth Protection mission statement, which stipulates that “all persons involved in Scouting” report any suspected child sexual abuse to local authorities. The Boy Scouts youth protection pamphlet also states, “All persons involved in BSA programs must report any instance of child abuse to local law enforcement…”

How To Make A Boy Scout Abuse Claim

The Boy Scouts Abuse Lawsuit Attorneys of Nadrich & Cohen and its legal teams are actively pursuing sexual abuse claims on behalf of Boy Scouts and Eagle Scouts who were molested by scoutmasters. There are thousands of abuse incidents detailed in the organizations Perversion Files. You are not alone. Our legal teams will provide a free and confidential consultation. Contact us today by calling 800-718-4658 for a free, confidential consultation. You can also use the contact form on this page or use the live chat feature. Don’t wait, contact us today.

Recent Abuse By Boy Scouts

  • Richard Merry was sentenced to 52 years in prison in September 2011 after being found guilty of victimizing multiple Scouts while he was an assistant scout leader from 2006-2010.
  • Former Scout leader Gary Wade Brown was convicted in 2009 of sexual abuse of a child, sexual exploitation of a minor and lewdness involving a child. The abuse took place from 2005-2006.
  • Boy Scouts of America said that they were aware of five members who were victims of child sex abuse in 2018.

California Attorneys Handling Boy Scout Lawsuit

BSA Sex Abuse Lawsuit

The Boy Scouts Abuse Lawsuit attorneys at Nadrich & Cohen, LLP and its legal teams are well-prepared to obtain you a financial recovery from a Boy Scouts abuse lawsuit, so call us today at 1-800-718-4658 for a free, confidential consultation. Our strong, yet caring lawyers have over 70 combined years’ worth of experience practicing law and have obtained over $350,000,000 on behalf of our clients, including sexual abuse victims, since 1990. We are contingency lawyers, meaning we charge no upfront fee, you will never owe us a penny out of pocket and we only charge you a portion of your recovery if we obtain a recovery for you. Our attentive, compassionate staff will always make sure your questions, phone calls and emails are responded to in a prompt, polite, caring and professional manner.

Select an Attorney with Sexual Abuse Experience

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It is imperative that you choose a lawyer that has experience in sexual abuse cases. Our law firm and our partners have the most experience and resources to obtain the best possible outcome in an abuse case. Other lawyers don’t understand the process of litigating a case of this type – sexual abuse, but we do. We will give you the voice you didn’t have or the voice you felt you lost.