California Fourth In Payouts For Dog Bite Settlements

dog bites

The latest studies of dog bite settlements are out.  They show that California has the fourth highest number of dog bite insurance claims in 2018 with 2,166.

Dog bite claims are more common and more costly than the public imagines. In 2016, there were 17,000 dog bite claims nationwide – $673 million in total claims value.

You must protect yourself from a dog bite claim. Rising medical costs and increased settlements make dog bite claims more costly for dog owners. The average 2018 settlement of a dog bite claim nationwide was $36,000.

California ranks fourth. The average California cost per claim was $45,542 from 2,166 claims with a total statewide payout of $98.65 million. This was sourced from the American Veterinary And Medical Association (AVMA) and the Insurance Information Institute with assistance from State Farm Insurance Dog Bite Claim Data.

Make sure your homeowner’s or renter’s insurance includes dog bite coverage if you are a dog owner. If you are a dog owner, consider increasing your liability coverage to $500,000 or more to insure that you are covered in the event of a dog bite.

The AVMA believes there are over 43 million dog-owning households in America. We know that all of those households do not have homeowner’s or renter’s insurance. Therefore, many dog-owning households are uninsured. It is important for you to have insurance.

The dog bite attorneys of Nadrich & Cohen, LLP are dog bite specialists and have successfully handled dog bite claims statewide for almost 30 years. Jeffrey Nadrich has been interviewed by Bloomberg News regarding homeowner’s insurance payouts for dog bites.

Nadrich & Cohen solely represents dog bite victims on a contingency fee basis. The law firm also offers a free consultation.

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