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Survey says distracted driving bigger threat than drunk drivers.

In a survey conducted by the Office of Traffic Safety, California drivers cited cellphone use and distracted driving as the biggest safety concerns.

According to the results of the survey, 17 percent of drivers thought that speeding and aggressive driving were the biggest dangers on California roadways while approximately 40 percent considered cellphone use to be the biggest threat. Drunk drivers actually fell to third on the list of safety concerns, just ahead of bad roads. The Office of Traffic Safety found this statistic surprising, since drunk drivers are actually the leading cause of fatal car accidents.

Cellphones Biggest Concern Among California Drivers
Approximately 50 percent of the 1800 drivers surveyed admitted that they’ve driven carelessly while talking on a cell phone. Almost 60 percent said that they had been hit or nearly hit by another driver who was talking or texting while behind the wheel. As of December 2011, nearly 600 deaths on California roadways have been attributed to some form of distracted driving.

One positive statistic to come out of the survey was that 40 percent of drivers say they use their cell phones less while driving than they did a year ago thanks to the passage of the hands-free law. Approximately 475,000 traffic tickets have been issued for hands-free violations since the law took effect in 2008.

Still, distracted driving continues to pose a threat to California motorists, particularly among those aged 20 or younger who may be more prone to using a cellphone while driving. Research studies suggest that a driver who is texting while going 55 mph can cover the length of a football field without looking up at the road.

In 2009, approximately 20 percent of all car accidents in the U.S. involved some form of distracted driving. In addition, one-fifth of fatal car accidents involving distracted driving were caused by cellphone use.

Both the statistical data and the results of the survey indicate the growing problem that distracted driving represents. Despite the fact that California has laws in place restricting the use of cellphones while driving, car accidents caused by texting or talking continue to mount.

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