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Are you suffering from injuries in a traffic accident?
Injured by a medical device? Bitten by a dog?

No matter your situation, our talented team of attorneys have the experience, resources and qualifications to help.

Our team of personal injury lawyers are passionate about standing up for victims in California and around the US. We have a proven track record with complex cases and use our expertise to understanding your case.

Below is a detailed list of the cases we handle in alphabetical order based on the case group.

Car accidents happen on an everyday basis. They include crashes involving all motor vehicles and well as pedestrians and bicycles. These accidents can cause whiplash, broken bones, brain injuries and even death. If you or a loved one was involved in a motor vehicle accident, contact us to make sure you obtain the compensation you deserve.

Bicycle Accidents

Bicycling is a fun activity and a great form of exercise, but it comes with risks. Many bicyclists have been hit by cars and trucks, and have suffered serious injuries as a result.

Bird Scooter Accidents

Bird scooters have grown in popularity in the past year, and this sudden growth has led to serious injuries. If you are a victim of a Bird scooter accident, contact a lawyer to understand your options.

Bus Accidents

Buses are larger and therefore safer than other vehicles, but injuries can still happen. If you or a loved one has been injured on a school bus, tour bus or other type of bus, seek legal help.

Car Accidents

Car accidents can happen anywhere, anytime, even if you are driving safely. They can cause a variety of injuries and even death.

Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycles are smaller than passenger vehicles and therefore harder to see. This often leads to serious accidents and injuries, particularly since motorcyclists have little protection in the event of a crash.

Pedestrian Accidents

For those in metropolitan areas, walking is the preferred form of transportation. However, distracted and reckless drivers do not always yield to pedestrians, leading to serious accidents.

RV Accidents

Many people spend their vacations traveling the state or country in an RV. RVS, however, are large and often difficult to drive, causing serious crashes.

Train Accidents

Trains are relatively safe, but have been known to derail or suffer maintenance issues. Train accidents do not happen often, but when they do, they can cause serious injuries.

Trucking Accidents

Semi trucks are large and can cause significant injuries and damage in a collision. These crashes are also very complex, so hire a lawyer to help you with your case.

Uber & Lyft Accidents

Ridesharing has become popular in recent years, and as such, claims against Uber and Lyft drivers have increased. Find out what liability issues you may face.

Personal injury can occur in a number of ways. Dog bites, sexual assault, nursing home abuse, burns and birth injuries can lead to injuries ranging from minor to fatal. Even drone accidents can injure a person. If you have been seriously injured by another person’s negligence, consider filing a claim today.

Amusement Park Injury

Riding a roller coaster can be fun, but a day at the park can lead to serious injury or even death. If you or a loved one was injured, seek legal help.

Aviation Accident Lawyers

While aviation accidents are much less common than car crashes, they are often fatal when they do happen. Inadequate maintenance and lack of pilot training can lead to deadly accidents.

Boating Accidents

Engaging in water sports can be fun on a hot summer day, but intoxication and recklessness can cause boaters to engage in unsafe behavior. This can lead to serious injuries and drowning deaths.

Boy Scout Sexual Abuse

Boy Scouts who were molested while participating in Scout activities may have a claim for compensation for the abuse they endured.

Brain Injury

Brain injuries are typically caused by the impact of car accidents, but they can be caused by other activities involving blunt force. Brain injuries can take many years to heal and may even be permanent.

Burn Injury

Burns can be painful and treating them can be a complicated process. A personal injury lawyer can help you get the compensation you need to heal.

Construction Defect

There are many ways in which a worker can be injured on a construction site, and one of these is defective products. Materials and equipment can break and cause serious injuries and even fatalities.

Cruise Ship Accidents

Cruises are fun getaways, but these ships pose many dangers. Slips and falls, swimming pool accidents, assaults, food poisoning and even crashes can happen on these large boats.

Dangerous Premises

Handling injury claims against property owners due to uneven pavement, negligent security, faulty balcony or staircase, slip and fall due to spilled liquids, and much more.

Disability Insurance Benefits

Individuals who paid for disability insurance and had their claims denied may be able to recover damages for denial, including what they were entitled to under the policy.

Dog Bites

Dog bites can cause scars, disfigurement and other long-term injuries. In most cases, the owner is at fault for these injuries, but there are cases where the victim may be at least partially to blame.

Drone Crash Lawsuits

Drones have become trendy in recent years, but many are unaware of the laws surrounding these aerial vehicles. You could be liable if your drone injuries someone.

Electrocution Injury

Electrocutions can happen on job sites or even in your own home. When they are caused by someone else’s negligence, you can recover compensation for damages.

Farm Accidents

Farm workers work in extreme weather conditions and may also be exposed to faulty equipment and pesticides. These hazards can cause serious health conditions and even death.

Gas Explosion

Gas explosions can cause burns and other serious injuries. Treating these conditions can be complicated and expensive, but we can help you recover the compensation you need.

Logging Accidents

Logging requires special training and equipment. One mistake can lead to a fatal accident.

Medical Malpractice

We trust doctors to provide us with the best medical care, but sometimes mistakes happen. These mistakes can lead to undiagnosed medical conditions, organ damage, surgical errors, birth injuries, brain injuries and even death.

Montecito Mudslide Lawsuits

Southern California has been hit hard by fires and severe rain storms in recent years, causing deadly mudslides. If you are a victim, seek legal help.

Nursing Home Abuse

Finding the right care for elderly loved ones can be difficult. Many nursing homes focus on profits and this often leads to neglect and abuse of patients.

Oil Field Accidents

There has been an increase in drilling activity, leading to dangerous oil field accidents. When workers’ compensation benefits are not enough, contact a lawyer.

Resort Accidents

Many vacationers choose resorts to get away and relax. However, a relaxing vacation can quickly require a trip the emergency room.

Slip and Fall

Ice, snow, rain, liquid spills, rugs, cords and other debris on a floor or walkway can cause a person to slip or trip and fall. These incidents can cause broken bones, neck and back injuries, brain damage and more.

Spinal Cord Injury

A spinal cord injury can happen in a car crash, sporting accident or fall. Such an injury can turn to paralysis and affect a person for the rest of their life.

Swimming Pool Accidents

Diving into shallow water and using a pool while intoxicated can lead to drownings and other pool accidents. While an aquatic accident can happen to anyone, children are especially at risk.

Wrongful Death

If someone’s negligence caused your loved one to die, seek legal help. You may be able to recover compensation for multiple damages by filing a wrongful death lawsuit..

Sometimes the very things that are supposed to improve our health end up making it worse. Defective medical devices are very common. Knee and shoulder replacements and mesh products have been known to fall apart, leading to multiple surgeries and worsened medical conditions. Don’t suffer in silence – seek legal help right away.

Bair Hugger Lawsuit

The Bair Hugger is a warming blanket used in joint replacement surgeries. Unfortunately, it has caused many patients to suffer deep joint infections.

Bard IVC Filter Lawsuit

Bard IVC filters are used to prevent pulmonary embolisms. These filters have been known to fracture and migrate, causing life-threatening complications.

Beacon Tip Angiographic Catheter Recall

Angiography catheters help diagnose medical conditions. Many of these tips have broken or split, causing serious medical issues.

DePuy ASR and Pinnacle Hip Replacements

These hip replacements have led to revision surgery due to adverse side effects such as metallosis, osteolysis and necrosis.

DePuy Attune Knee Replacement

Millions of people have had knee replacements. Some manufacturers, like DePuy, are being sued for defective design, requiring revision surgery.

Ethicon Morcellator Hysterectomy Lawsuit

Morcellators are often used in hysterectomy and uterine fibroid removal procedures. These devices are associated with uterine cancer.

Exactech® Optetrak® Knee Replacement Lawsuit

These knee replacements are meant to last at least 15 years, but often develop complications such as loosening, pain and infection within five years.

Gastric Bypass Surgery Complications

Gastric bypass surgery reduces the stomach size, making it a great way to lose weight. However, there have been many injuries and deaths associated with the staples used in this procedure.

Left Ventricular Assist Device (LVAD)

For those suffering from heart failure, a Left Ventricular Assist Device can help. However, these devices come with risks such as blood clots, increased bleeding and risk of stroke.

Medtronic Infuse Bone Graft

The Medtronic Infuse Bone Graft was approved for spinal surgery, but most uses have been unauthorized. Many people have developed side effects such as uncontrolled bone growth, back pain, leg pain and micro fractures.

Mirena IUD Side Effects

Mirena is an IUD that has been associated with fluid in the brain. This creates pressure in the skull and often requires surgery.

Olympus Duodenoscope

The Olympus Duodenoscope was never approved by the FDA, even though it performs thousands of procedures every year. It has led to deadly superbug due its poor design and difficulty to clean.

Robotic Surgery Complications

Robotic surgery is now here, but having a robot perform surgery is not safe. Many patients have suffered infections and organ damage due to improper use.

St. Jude Riata Defibrillator Side Effects

The leads of this defibrillator are known to break, causing the device to send unnecessary jolts to the heart or not send any jolts when needed. This puts patients in a life or death situation.

Stryker LFIT Anatomic CoCr V40 Femoral Heads

This product has a very high number of stem issues, causing the hip implant to fracture, loosen or dislocate. Many patients have needed revision surgeries to fix these issues.

Stryker Rejuvenate Hip Replacements

The defective design of these hip replacements has led to death of bone cells and tissues. These issues require revision surgery.

Surgical Stapler Lawsuit

Defective surgical staplers can cause serious injuries and infections. We are making claims on behalf of surgical patients and their families who underwent a medical procedure where staples were used and subsequently developed sepsis, bleeding, fistulas, internal tissue tears, organ tears, cancer recurrence or death.

Terumo Infection Lawsuit

Representing open heart surgery patients who were diagnosed with M. Chimaera infection following the surgical procedure.

Transvaginal Mesh Lawsuit

Transvaginal mesh is used to help women with pelvic organ prolapse. However, it often causes more harm than good, with erosion leading to infections, organ perforation, urinary problems and scarring.

Zimmer NexGen Knee Replacements

These knee replacements are known to fail within several years, requiring revision surgery. Contact us if you have a failed knee replacement.

Zimmer Proxilock Hip Prosthesis

These hip replacements are known to be faulty. Many patients have experienced fractures that have led to multiple surgeries.

Zimmer Persona Knee Implants

These Zimmer knee implants have defects that cause the screws to loosen within months of surgery. This often results in a remove and replace surgery.

The drugs that you take every day may actually be harming you. Common drugs used to treat heart conditions, high blood pressure, diabetes and mood disorders have been known to cause cancer, stroke, heart attack and even death. If you or a loved one has been affected, take legal action.


Abilify, a drug used to manage schizophrenia, may be linked to compulsive behavior such as gambling. Contact a lawyer if you or a loved one is at risk.


Most of us have used acetaminophen at one time or another to deal with life’s aches and pains. However, studies show that too much can lead to live damage.


Many people manage their rheumatoid arthritis with a drug called Actemra. However, Actemra use has been associated with an increased risk of stroke, heart attack and pancreatitis.


Actos is a drug used to treat diabetes. It comes with serious side effects, though, including bladder cancer.


Many people with depression and other mental disorders rely on antidepressants. However, these drugs have been known to impact fetal growth in pregnant women.


Antibiotic fluoroquinolone drugs such as Avelox are used to treat bacterial infections. They can be dangerous, though, and have been known to cause nerve damage.


Benicar is used to treat high blood pressure. It has been associated with intestinal issues, weight loss and diarrhea.

Birth Control

Birth control pills are not always safe. Some have led to an increased risk of blood clots, while some were improperly packages, causing some women to experience unwanted pregnancy.


Drugs such as Byetta help treat diabetes. However, in exchange, many users have developed pancreatic cancer.

Children’s Advil

You may not think twice about giving your child Advil for pain. However, children’s Advil use has been associated with Stevens Johnson Syndrome, blindness and even death.

Children’s Motrin

Child’s Motrin and Advil are commonly used painkillers that have been associated with serious medical conditions and even death.


Clomid is a popular fertility drug that has been linked to serious conditions including brain and heart conditions, intestinal issues and side effects involving the esophagus.


Crestor is used to help patients lower their cholesterol, but it has caused many to develop diabetes.


Cipro is used to treat bacterial infections. However, Cipro and other antibiotic fluoroquinolone drugs have been known to cause peripheral neuropathy side effects.


Dilantin is used to treat epilepsy. However, it comes with a serious side effect: a skin condition called Stevens Johnson Syndrome.


Effexor is used to treat depression, anxiety and other mood disorders. When taken by pregnant women, though, it has been known to cause birth defects in the fetuses.


Essure is touted as permanent birth control without surgery. However, this device has caused women to experience serious side effects, including infection, heavy bleeding, organ damage, pelvic pain and even death.

Fen Phen

A popular weight loss drug in the 1990s, Fen Phen is known for increasing the risk of hypertension.


Fosamax is taken by many people to improve their bone strength. Ironically, long-term use of the drug can actually cause bones in the jaw to weaken.


Granuflo is a dialysis solution with potentially deadly results. Many patients have suffered heart attacks and strokes shortly after dialysis.


Incivek is a drug used to treat Hepatitis C. It has been associated with serious skin conditions, including Stevens Johnson Syndrome.


Invokana is prescribed to those with diabetes to help lower blood sugar. However, it comes with serious side effects, including kidney failure and risk of amputation.


Januvia is a diabetes drug that has been linked to pancreatic cancer. Contact a lawyer if you or a loved one is at risk.


Levaquin is in the fluoroquinolones drug class. Used to treat infection, it can also cause permanent nerve damage.


Lipitor is used to lower cholesterol. In postmenopausal women, however, it can cause an increased risk of developing diabetes.


Naturalyte is a dialysis drug that has since been recalled due to increased risk of heart attack and stroke. Seek legal help if you have been affected.

Nexium / Prilosec / Prevacid

Heartburn is a minor issue for many people, but chronic use of popular medications such as Nexium, Prilosec and Prevacid can lead to kidney damage and even death.


Onfi is a drug used to prevent seizures. It comes with serious side effects, including the skin condition Stevens Johnson Syndrome.


The active ingredient in Onglyza – saxagliptin – is linked to serious health conditions. They include Stevens Johnson Syndrome, heart failure, thyroid cancer, pancreatic cancer and even death.


Paxil is a popular drug for treating depression. However, when taken by pregnant women, it can lead to premature birth.


Propecia has helped many men deal with baldness, but on the flip side, it has caused prostate cancer for many users.


Risperdal is a drug used to treat bipolar disorder, schizophrenia and other mental illnesses. An unpleasant side effect is gynecomastia, or enlarged breasts in men.


Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) are a class of drugs typically used as antidepressants. They can cause serious side effects, such as birth defects, irregular heartbeat, memory loss and even hallucinations.


Statins are used to lower cholesterol, but in some patients, they can lead to type 2 diabetes, liver problems and skin rashes.


Tekturna is a blood pressure drug that can lead to kidney failure. Seek legal help if you or a loved one is a victim.


Tequin is a drug used to treat various infections. It has since been discontinued after causing blood sugar irregularities that led to 20 deaths.

Testosterone Replacement Therapy

Men lose testosterone as they age, leading many to get replacement therapy. These drugs can cause heart attacks, strokes and even death.


Tradjenta is a diabetes drug that carries the risk of bullous pemphigoid. This rare skin condition causes fluid-filled blisters.


Patients using Truvada and certain other HIV medications are at an increased risk of developing kidney disease, bone loss and bone fractures.


Patients who used Uloric and subsequently developed a cardiovascular condition while using the product may be able to make a claim for their injury.


Thousands of batches of the popular high-blood pressure drug have been contaminated with a known carcinogen which can lead to various types of cancers of the digestive tract or liver failure.


Valturna helps patients control high blood pressure. However, use of this drug can cause strokes and kidney damage.


Viagra has helped improve the sex lives of countless men. It has also caused an increased risk of the skin cancer melanoma.


Victoza is a diabetes drug that can cause serious side effects, including pancreatic cancer.


Xarelto has helped those with atrial fibrillation reduce their risk of strokes and pulmonary embolisms. It has, unfortunately, also caused uncontrollable bleeding and stomach cramping.


Zofran was approved to treat nausea related to surgery and cancer treatments. It was used without FDA approval to help women with morning sickness, causing many babies to suffer birth defects.


Zuplenz, used to treat nausea and vomiting by surgery and cancer patients, has led to serious side effects for pregnant women. This drug is often used during pregnancy, causing serious birth defects.

Asbestos and lead paint are rarely used nowadays, but caused serious health issues that many people are now dealing with. Many products that we come into contact with on a regular basis have been known to cause cancer and even death. We can hold the manufacturers liable for their actions.


Decades ago, many people were exposed to asbestos. This mineral is known to be carcinogenic, causing mesothelioma and other lung conditions.


Benzene is a chemical found in plastics, degreasers, solvents, resins and petroleum. It can cause leukemia and other blood disorders.

Food Poisoning

Food poisoning can happen at a restaurant, by buying food from a grocery store or even at a family picnic. Food-borne illnesses can cause diarrhea, vomiting, stomach cramps, chills and fever.

Lead Paint Poisoning

While lead paint is no longer used, many older homes may still have it. Lead exposure is especially dangerous to children and can cause learning disabilities, brain swelling and convulsions.

Roundup Herbicide

Roundup is a commonly used lawn care product. Its active ingredient, glyphosate, has been known to cause non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma.

Talcum Powder

Many women have used Johnson & Johnson Talcum Powder as a feminine hygiene product for decades. Now they are suffering from ovarian cancer.

There are many situations in which an injury can occur. Acts of nature such as fires and floods can cause death. Contaminated food, workplace accidents, and maritime accidents can also cause serious injury and even death. Don’t forget crimes such as assaults and shootings. No matter how you have been injured, if someone caused your injury, we can help you recover compensation.

Bad Faith Insurance Denials

Long-term care insurance is supposed to protect us and pay claims when we suffer medical emergencies. Unfortunately, many insurers engage in bad faith and deny claims for invalid reasons.

Crossbow Recall Lawsuit

Barnett crossbows come with a design defect. The lack of a thumb guard has led to hundreds of thumb amputations.

Birth Injuries

When doctors fail to do something during labor or delivery, they can cause birth injuries. Babies can suffer broken bones, cerebral palsy, paralysis, and brain damage through this type of medical malpractice.

Boeing 737 Crash 

Representing family members who lost a loved one in the Ethiopia Air or Lion Air disaster. The Boeing 737 Max had defective flight software which contributed to each of the crashes.

Clergy Abuse

Even churches and religious groups engage in criminal activity such as the abuse of children. If you or a loved one was a victim of clergy abuse, contact our lawyers.

Camp/Paradise Fire

The Camp Fire in Northern California destroyed thousands of homes and killed 86 people. It is believed that PG&E is to blame for the fire.

Cerebral Palsy

Cerebral palsy affects the brain and central nervous system of children. While cerebral palsy can sometimes be caused by infections, sometimes the doctor’s negligence is to blame.

Child Sexual Abuse

Children are commonly the victim of sexual abuse. They may be abused at school, in church, at daycare and even by their own parents.

Class Action Lawsuit

If multiple consumers have been injured by a manufacturer’s negligence, a class action lawsuit may be filed. This occurs when a plaintiff sues one or more parties on behalf of an entire group.

Defective Products

The items we buy and use every day are supposed to be safe and work as intended. When a product injures a person through normal use, the manufacturer can be sued and held liable for these product defects.

Defense Base Act

If you were injured while working for a private company contracting with the United States government as a civilian, you may be able to receive benefits under the Defense Base Act.

Legionnaires’ Disease 

Fifteen people were infected with Legionnaires’ disease at Disneyland in 2017. This severe case of pneumonia is caused by Legionella bacteria, which grows in water.

Gastric Bypass Surgery Complications

Gastric bypass surgery reduces the stomach size, making it a great way to lose weight. However, there have been many injuries and deaths associated with the staples used in this procedure.

GM Ignition Recall

In 2014, GM recalled millions of vehicles after it was found that a faulty ignition switch can kill the engine and disable the airbags without warning.

Harvoni/Sovaldi Treatment Denials

Harvoni and Sovaldi are effective drugs for treating hepatitis C. However, many insurance companies are refusing to cover this treatment because of its $90,000 cost.

Inverse Condemnation

Inverse condemnation occurs when the government takes private property without paying fair compensation. If this happened to you, you have the right to sue to recover the compensation you deserve.

Jones Act & Longshore Act Claims

Representing ship workers who were injured or suffered hazardous exposure while working on a ship.

Long-Term Care Denial

Long-term care insurance is supposed to protect us and pay claims when we suffer medical emergencies. Unfortunately, many insurers engage in bad faith and deny claims for invalid reasons.

Maritime Law

Filing a claim for an injury that happened at sea can be complicated. Contact our experienced lawyers so we can guide you through the process.

Meningitis Outbreak

Many people get steroid shots for pain. However, many of these shots have been tainted with bacteria, causing patients to develop meningitis.

Military Earplugs 

Earplugs are meant to protect the ears from damage caused by loud noises, but many defective earplugs given to military members had the opposite effect. Now, many service members are dealing with tinnitus and hearing loss

Patent Infringement

When a person comes up with an idea, they often patent it to protect it from unauthorized use. However, duplication can still occur, causing lost profits.

Porter Adventist Hospital

Porter Adventist Hospital in Denver is facing lawsuits from patients who were exposed to HIV, Hepatitis and other serious infections due to the hospital’s use of contaminated surgical instruments and trays in the operating room.

Premises Liability

A property owner is bound by premises liability law, meaning that the property must be safe for visitors. Negligent security, dog bites, slips and falls, swimming pool accidents and amusement park accidents all fall under this category.

Remington Trigger Recall

Guns are dangerous enough, but a defect on certain Remington gun models can cause it to misfire. This can lead to serious injury and even death.


Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy (RSD) causes prolonged chronic pain. RSD is often triggered by an injury such as cut, sprain or fracture.

Syngenta Corn 

Syngenta created genetically modified corn containing MIR 162, which China will not purchase. The company did not disclose to farmers that use of their product could seriously impact the ability to sell crops to other countries.

Sexual Abuse

Sexual abuse can occur in workplaces, schools, and even nursing homes. With technology use increasing, cyber-bullying has become more prevalent.

Sex Trafficking

Sex Trafficking victims can file an anonymous lawsuit to recover compensation from online websites that facilitated sex trafficking by the publication of content or ads on their websites.

Social Security Disability Claims

Injured people may be able to file Social Security Disability claims. However, many get their claims denied without a valid reason.

Stevens-Johnson Syndrome

Stevens-Johnson Syndrome (SJS) is a rare but serious skin disorder characterized by red rashes. It is mainly caused by an adverse reaction to medications.

Takata Airbag Recall

Airbags are supposed to protect you in the event of a car accident, but some do more harm than good. Takata airbags often found in Honda vehicles, are known to malfunction and hit vehicle occupants with metal shards.

Tenants Against Landlords

When a tenant has a landlord who refuses to make repairs, they may be able to file a warranty of habitability suit under California law.

Thomas Fire

Fire victims who suffered injuries, losses, or damages may be eligible for compensation. This includes renters, homeowners, and business owners.

Tire Defects

Defects can cause car accidents. Tires and other car parts can fail, causing serious crashes.

Trademark Infringement

Patent and trademark infringement can cause a company to lose profits. Make sure your products and ideas are protected.

Vehicle Recall

Many vehicles are defective, causing drivers to experience safety issues that can lead to serious injuries or even fatalities.

Workplace Sexual Abuse

The workplace should be free of sexual undertones, but unfortunately, this is not always the case. Co-workers sexually harass others, and managers often coerce employees to engage in sex for benefits.

Worker’s Compensation

Many injuries happen in the workplace. If your claim is valid, you should be entitled to receive workers’ compensation benefits while you recover.