Camp Fire, Paradise & Butte County Fire Lawsuit

UPDATE: November 27, 2018

Wildfire liability will be one of the biggest issues in the 2019 California legislature session. There is concern that PG&E will go bankrupt and will possibly break up due not only to the 2017 fires but now the liability that PG&E will have surrounding the Camp/ Paradise Fire. There is significant concern PG&E may go bankrupt.

In five trading days ending 11/19/18 PG&E had lost almost 27.5% of its value. California law holds utilities liable for fires caused by their equipment, even if the company wasn’t negligent. PG&E already has suffered billions in potential liability from the 2017 wine country fires.

We believe the company will be shown to be at fault. The day before the fire started, there is an email from the owner of the property at the fires initial ignition point informing PG&E that their crews needed to come to clear the trees. PG&E at that same time was evaluating whether to shut down power lines in the area but did not do so. Nadrich & Cohen and its partners are handling many victims of the Paradise fire and will be closely watching the upcoming debate and legislation session,

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Our hearts go out to residents of Paradise, California and to all the victims of the Camp Wildfires who lost their lives, homes, and businesses.

News sources have reported that the fire Camp Fire broke out on Thursday, November 8th, 2018 and has already burned in excess of 110,000 acres in Butte County and Paradise bordering up to Chico. At least 60,000 residents have been evacuated.

More than 7,800 structures have been damaged or destroyed.

PG&E’s Liability For Camp Fire Losses

PG&E informed Cal Fire that a high voltage line close to the starting point of the Paradise fire had experienced an outage problem just before the first flames occurred. PG&E filed with the California Public Utilities Commissions a report recording the line outage approximately 20 minutes before the official start of the Fire – 6:15 AM, Thursday, November 8th, 2018.

There are firefighter radio transmissions reflecting that when fire teams were dispatched to the original fire location on November 8th, 2018, they noted that the initial fires were located underneath high tension power lines across the Feather River.

The Vallejo Times-Herald quoted one fireman stating to dispatch, “We’ve got eyes on the vegetation fire. It’s going to be very difficult to access, Camp Creek Road is nearly inaccessible. It is on the west side of the river underneath the transmission lines.”

The PG&E Cal Fire filing stated that later in the afternoon PG&E employees observed transmission tower damage in the affected area. This is the location believed to be where the fire began.

PG&E has been responsible for numerous fires including the devastating Wine Country Fire which broke out in October 2017. The San Francisco Chronicle reports that due to various inadequacies in PG&E equipment there have been at least 16 fires reported in Northern California and multiple safety laws have been violated

Our fire legal teams are actively investigating PG&E’s responsibility for causing the devastating Camp Fire. We believe that PG&E’s downed power lines, exploding transformers and outages contacted with trees and other dried vegetation which caused the first fire ignition.

How We Can Help

If you or a loved one was affected by the Camp Fire, the Paradise fire or the Butte County fire you have important legal rights.  We want to represent you in the future lawsuit our legal teams will be bringing against PG&E. It is important for you to know your rights after your fire loss.  Survivors, victims and those who have lost property have legal claims for compensation for their property losses, injuries, and all other damages. Please call us today or fill out the form on the right for a free no charge confidential legal consultation with an intake specialist.

We are a legal team of 15 lawyers from multiple California law firms who have tremendous experience investigating and bringing claims in fire and wildfire losses against PG&E, Southern California Edison and other utilities.   Our legal teams currently represent over 300 Wine County fire victims.

Paradise Fire Timeline

November 8th: First Report of Fire.

November 9th: PG&E told state regulators that a high voltage power line near the fire’s origin experienced a problem.  Immediately thereafter the first flames appeared.

November 14th: More than 7500 structures confirmed destroyed. 58 confirmed fire fatalities. Over 200 Paradise & Butte County residents are still missing. Fire is still not fully contained.

Why Hire Our Law Firm To Assist With Your Fire Loss Claim?

The Fire Attorneys at Nadrich & Cohen and its legal teams currently represent over 300 individuals and businesses who suffered losses and injuries in the 2017 North Bay Wine Country fires. Our teams are in leadership positions in the North Bay fire litigation and on the Executive Committee on the Thomas Fire litigation.

We are now representing Camp Fire victims which caused widespread devastation in Paradise, California and throughout Butte County. Our legal teams will represent victims and their families, whose homes, businesses and lives were lost due to the Camp Fire. We will be filing lawsuits against PG&E and all responsible parties.

We have placed our fire investigative team on the Camp Fire to determine the wide range of claims we will make on behalf of our displaced and injured clients.

If you suffered losses or injuries from the Camp Fire, including the affected areas of Paradise or Butte County, call us today at 530-792-9108 or 800-718-4658. You may also use the live chat feature or complete the “Do I Have A Claim?” form on this page.

Please call today to speak with a fire intake specialist. We are contingency lawyers and only accept cases on a contingency.  This means our clients do not have to pay anything until and unless we first obtain a recovery for them.

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