Electric Shock Injury Lawyers

Electric Shock Injury Lawyers
Sadly, three members of a San Bernardino family were killed on Friday, January 14th, 2011, when they innocently came into contact with a 12,000 volt power line electric current that had fallen into their backyard due to high winds. The family heard an explosion and Mr. Vego, the Dad, went out to investigate. He was later found by his wife stumbled over the power line dead. When Mrs. Vego touched Mr. Vego, she collapsed and was killed as well. When their 21-year-old son then touched his mom, he too collapsed to the ground and died.

The power line was owned by Southern California Edison. Relatives were outraged because the power line had fallen in the Vego’s backyard three years before and the family questions whether the earlier repair was done correctly.

We hate to hear stories like this. This is a tragedy. We have handled electrocution cases similar to this, but never with multiple fatalities as a result. The area was the North Park neighborhood in Northwest San Bernardino.

Mr. Vego had told his friends numerous times about how dangerous the power lines were and how they had fallen in his backyard three years ago.

Our hearts go out and our prayers are with the family in these difficult times.

The San Bernardino personal injury lawyers of Nadrich & Cohen, LLP extend their heartfelt condolences to the victim’s family.

More Information

Accidental electrocution is an all too common occurrence in California. Many times an electrocution injury or death is the result of a defective product. Whether the product be a household appliance or a power tool a claim may be made against the designer, manufacturer and/or distributor of the product. These cases can be brought in order to recover damages for pain and suffering, loss of physical ability, lost earnings and medical expenses.

electrocution injury or death is the result of a defective product

Work related accidental electrocution can occur when a worker is exposed to either a power line or other exposed electrical source. While many times the employee is covered by workers compensation, the injury may have been the result of the failure of some party other than the employer to provide safety or prepare the work site by deactivation of the electrical source. If a third party is responsible a claim can be made for damages, especially when the worker’s compensation benefits are insufficient to provide for the injured worker or his family.

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