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We are reviewing and investigating Naturalyte side effects and Granuflo side effects, such as heart attacks and strokes which occurred to dialysis treatment patients while at Fresenius dialysis clinics. We have many clients who have suffered a heart attack during or shortly after dialysis due to Fresenius Corporation’s use of Granuflo and/or Naturalyte acid concentrates. These products have been recalled by the FDA.

Fresenius is one of the largest providers of dialysis treatment and hemodialysis solutions. Granuflo and Naturalyte are two common solutions used at their clinics. They are also sold to other dialysis clinics such as Davita Corporation, which has the largest number of dialysis treatment centers in the United States.

Naturalyte Side Effects and Granuflo Side Effects include Sudden cardiac death, heart attack, and cardiopulmonary arrest. These side effects, all very significant injuries, occur during or after treatment. The problem is is that these chemical solutions (Granuflo and Naturalyte) include sodium acetate that alters the bicarbonate levels to a higher rate than necessary. The problem is that the dialysis centers were not monitoring and adjusting bicarbonate levels during the patient’s dialysis procedure. As a result, this process sometimes caused metabolic alkalosis that then can cause a greater chance of fatal or serious heart problems.

We are seeing many incidents of cardiac arrest which is the immediate loss of all heart function, breathing and consciousness because of blood stoppage to the brain and other organs.

Naturalyte and Granuflo Side Effects

Cases have been filed all over the country stemming from the Dialysis solution known as Granuflo causing cardiac arrhythmia and, in some cases, death. Cases have been filed against Fresenius Medical Care, the largest manufacturer of dialysis equipment and products and the owner and operator of approximately 1,600 dialysis clinics throughout the United States. It is thought that the total number of cases may reach 10,000.

Our case against Fresenius rests upon the theory that Fresenius manufactured and distributed Granuflo for its clinics to take the place of a prior solution that was more costly for Fresenius to store and transport. Granuflo is in a granular form so that all the clinics had to do was add water and use the solution in the dialysis process.

Sadly, the Granuflo granular product had twice the acetate of the prior product which, as a result, can cause the blood to become too alkaline. When Blood becomes too alkaline it then significantly disrupts or alters the dialysis victim’s heart rhythm causing cardiac arrhythmia, low blood pressure, hypokalemia, cardiopulmonary arrest, and even death.

The cases we are accepting are victims who suffered their injury while obtaining treatment at a Fresenius dialysis center. We are reviewing cases where the dialysis patient suffered one of the below injuries or events within 48 hours of dialysis treatment.

A) Cardiovascular issues resulting in death
B) Sudden cardiac death
C) Heart attack
D) Other catastrophic cardiovascular injuries
E) Cardiopulmonary arrest

All this is due to the increased levels of bicarbonate in the bloodstream which we believe Fresenius knew of but did not resolve the problem such as warning its clinics, dialysis patients, etc.

Internal Fresenius corporate documents have led our teams to believe that Fresenius knew of the risks since 2010 but did not adequately warn its own clinics and patients. They knew of the high acetate level of the Granuflo concentrate product. They knew that the bicarbonate levels were highly elevated which can cause greater risks of cardiopulmonary arrest and sudden cardiac death.

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Our national Granuflo® and Naturalyte® legal teams are reviewing side effect cases throughout the country. We are also investigating whether Fresenius withheld data in November 2011 from the FDA of its own internal test results documenting a sharp increase of cardiac arrests from the use of these products. Despite the increase in cardiac arrests, there was no corporate warning of harmful side effects issued until March 2012.

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