Cochlear Ear Implant Recall Lawsuit

Cochlear Ear Implant Recall Lawsuit

The Defective Product Lawyers of Nadrich & Cohen, LLP, are investigating cochlear implant defect cases of children and adults who had implanted in them the Cochlear Nucleus 5 Ear Implant. We are taking cases from coast to coast.

The problem with this implant was that the manufacturer issued a C1500 series recall. As a result of this admission of a defective device, a revision surgery may be necessary.

What happened is that the implant was not manufactured correctly. The implants are known as the 90K Cochlear Nucleus Implants. Under the law, a manufacturing defect is the legal responsibility of the manufacturer.

Symptoms of the defective implant product are as follows:

  1. Complete loss of sound
  2. Intermittent and non-functioning
  3. Sudden loud or popping sound
  4. Discomfort or pain at implant site

If you or a loved one has had a side effect from the Cochlear Nucleus 5 Implants leading to its removal, or you have been told the implant needs to be removed, please contact us immediately. We can and want to help you. We are contingency lawyers which means we do not charge a fee unless we first obtain a recovery from the implant manufacturer.

To speak with one of our case specialists, please either call us at 1-800-718-4658, engage with our live chat or email us describing what happened to you by completing the contact form on this page. We want to help you.