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We are extensively involved in enforcing Patents in the area of Patent Infringement Litigation. Because of our resources, experience, and expertise, we represent small companies and individuals against large and/or multinational corporations in Major Patent Infringement matters. We look forward to taking on the largest corporate patent infringers. We handle these cases selectively on a contingency basis. We are also open to other types of alternative fee arrangements including costs against fees, payment of costs and reduced fees and/or strict contingency.

Patent litigation is the enforcement of legitimately obtained patents. Holding a patent gives the right to a patent holder to exclude or prevent others from using his or her patent. Patent litigation occurs when a patent holder seeks to enforce his or her patent because another infringes upon it in a significant manner.

When we represent a company or individual who has a significant patent being infringed, upon we prove that our client has the patent and the other side has actually infringed upon it. Our team of lawyers and licensee experts have the resources, manpower, and expertise to successfully handle all aspects of a prolonged, intense patent litigation fight. We will always commit the necessary resources to prevail.

Our Intellectual Property practice areas also include:

  • Copyright
  • Licensing
  • Litigation
  • Trade secrets
  • Trademarks
  • Unfair Competition / Antitrust

If we take the infringement claim(s), we will bear all costs. There is no cost to you. We will handle the claims on a contingency basis. There is no cost to you unless we obtain a recovery. We are then paid a percentage of the recovery.

Sometimes rather than a full trial, we will obtain a licensing agreement from the infringers for our clients to receive royalties for the patent use. We also negotiate a separate monetary amount for past use.

We enter into alternative fee agreement types, such as contingent fees, partial contingent fees, flat rate fee and other hybrid fee agreement arrangements. Our fee agreements are tailored to suit everyone’s concerns and needs. We can handle any large-scale licensing, infringement, patent enforcement case.

Why contact us?

These cases can often cost hundreds of thousands of dollars in court costs and out-of-pocket expenses and millions of dollars in attorney’s fees. We have extensive experience representing small companies who are short on cash or liquid assets. These companies have suffered major economic infringements and seek to retain an experienced, aggressive, successful and recourse-laden contingency patent litigation law firm to fight large, established corporations/infringers.

Let our experienced patent litigators aggressively fight to obtain the maximum recovery for you. We will do everything possible whether litigate, negotiate, license or do whatever to win. Remember we only charge if we obtain a recovery. You owe it to your organization to call us today.

Please call us today or complete the “Do I have a case?” form on the right. It is free and confidential. We will never turn your information over to any third-party. We will respond to you within 24 hours.

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