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Propecia Drug Causing Prostate Cancer

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Propecia is a prescription medication for male pattern baldness. Merck manufactures it under the name Finasteride with the trademark Propecia as well as Proscar. It is heavily marketed as Propecia for hair loss treatment.

The history of Propecia is extremely interesting. It was first prescribed as Finasteride for the prostate condition known as Enlarged Prostate. Unfortunately, it caused significant side effects including difficulty urinating, urinating more often than before, decreased urinary flow, etc. However, its positive side effect was that it caused hair growth. Because of that, Merck began selling it as Propecia and extensively marketed it for the treatment of male baldness.

Sadly, after numerous studies, many experts have concluded that Propecia leads to serious side effects including increased risk of prostate cancer and sexual dysfunction. There is even an FDA Safety Alert advising of the prostate cancer and sexual dysfunction risks.

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