Duodenoscope Superbug Outbreak

duodenoscope which has been linked to the deadly superbug outbreakNadrich & Cohen LLP, the renowned California personal injury and defective medical device law firm is currently actively investigating claims of patients who suffered side effects and injuries due to exposure to the duodenoscope which has been linked to the deadly superbug outbreak at UCLA Medical Center, and Cedars Sinai and other American hospitals. The problem with the scope is that it cannot be adequately sterilized.

Sadly, the FDA has known about the potential problems with this scope for more than two years. Thus far, two patients have died, and at least five other patients have tested positive for the drug resistant bacteria. There are also an estimated 179 other patients; who have potentially been exposed to the superbug.

UPDATE: Nadrich & Cohen, LLP is currently investigating Bacterial Infection Claims Associated With The Below Duodenoscope Manufacturers:

  • Olympus, Model TJF-Q180V
  • Fujifilm, Model ED-530XT

The super bacteria known as CRE is extremely dangerous because it cannot be treated with most antibiotics and unfortunately leads to death rates of up to 50%. Many critics are complaining that the FDA did not do its job, nor completed sufficient due diligence before clearing the device for the marketplace.  Despite knowing that this device could not be adequately sterilized, hospitals continue to use the device.

duodenoscope1The device at issue is known as a duodenoscope. It is an endoscopic instrument inserted through the throat to examine the duodenum, which is the top section of the small intestine. The bacteria build up at the tip of the device, and cannot be sufficiently sterilized for use on additional patients.

Because of this defective medical design, it’s impossible to adequately disinfect the device every single time with conventional current cleaning methods. The result is that infections can be transferred from patient to patient.

These devices are used for the ERCP (Endoscopic Retrograde Cholangiopancreatography) procedure.

A similar incident occurred in January 2015 at Virginia Mason Medical Center in Seattle, Washington, where 35 patients became ill and 11 died from a CRE resistant bacteria. The superbug outbreak was also linked to the use of the contaminated endoscopes.

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