Causation, Fen Phen, & PPH

Correlations do not necessarily imply causation. This was drilled into me when I took my first statistics course in undergrad. In legal terms, this is a very important concept to consider.

In the face of tragedies, such as being diagnosed with primary pulmonary hypertension (PPH), it is unavoidable to want to attribute this to a cause. When this cause is someone else’s fault, it is useful to be able to determine if that fault is really causally related to the tragedy.

Let’s take the example of primary pulmonary hypertension and the drug Fen-Phen and spend some time looking at the relationship between correlation and causation.

Correlation and Causation

First, let’s take a moment to consider the relationship between correlation and causation. When two things are said to be correlated, it means that the occurrence of one thing is associated with the occurrence of another thing. Notice that this does not imply causation, that one thing caused the other.

To demonstrate this point, we’ll use a story of a young boy’s first encounter with soda. The first ten times the boy has soda, two things occur. It rains and he burps. So for the boy, drinking soda is correlated with rain and with burping.

It is mere happenstance that drinking soda is correlated with rain. We would be hard pressed to claim that the boy drinking soda causes it to rain. Notice that the second example is causally related. When the boy drinks soda, it causes him to burp. We can attribute this causal relationship to the correlation first, but more importantly, there is evidence that indicates that soda causes burping.

PPH is Correlated with Fen-Phen

There are a number of instances that show that PPH and the drug Fen-Phen are correlated with one another but is there a causal relationship there? There are a number of sources of evidence that point to a causal relationship here other than just the fact that they are correlated.

Along with medical tests, there are diagnostic procedures that show that the elevated pulmonary and right_sided heart pressures are attributed to specific external factors. These specific external factors are the taking of certain diet drugs.

Personal injury attorneys such as Nadrich & Cohen are able to clearly understand these causal relations and fight for what you deserve. If you are someone you know has been diagnosed with PPH, find out what Fen Phen lawyers such as Nadrich & Cohen can do for you.

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