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Third-Leading Cause of Death is Medical Errors, Research Shows

Third-Leading Cause of Death is Medical ErrorsThe leading cause of death in the U.S. is heart disease, followed by cancer. Combined, both diseases are responsible for approximately 600,000 U.S. deaths, each year. Surprisingly, the third-leading cause of death is: medical errors. A recent study, published in the British Medical Journal, notes that preventable medical errors claim more than 250,000 lives, every year, in the United States. The most shocking part of this statistic is that the figure only accounts for hospital medical errors. Therefore, medical error fatalities that occurred in nursing homes, surgery centers and other medical facilities are not included in that number. This estimate was provided by patient safety researchers. While medical staff should be taking steps to ensure patient safety is a top priority, medical mishaps are on the rise. In 1999, the number of deaths caused by medical errors was 100,000. In 2015, that number has more than doubled.

Deaths caused by medical errors accounts for approximately 700 deaths each day. Medical errors are more deadly than the combined tally of respiratory disease, accidents, and strokes. Similarly, medical errors account for more deaths than Alzheimer’s disease, diabetes and kidney disease, combined.

It should be noted that medical errors encompass a wide-variety of complications and conditions. For example, medical errors run the gamut, from prescribing the wrong drug, to performing a botched surgery. Some health advocates blame the rise in medical errors on understaffing, which can lead to incorrect diagnoses, ineffective treatments and can result in patient death.

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