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nuplazid lawsuit

The dangerous drug lawyers of Nadrich & Cohen and its legal teams are actively investigating and pursuing Nuplazid side effect claims. We believe that Acadia, the manufacturer of Nuplazid, failed to adequately warn patients of the increased risks associated with the drug’s use.

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Nuplazid Side Effects


Nuplazid was placed on the market in June 2016 to treat symptoms of psychosis that can develop as a result of Parkinson’s disease. Nuplazid is intended to help minimize or alleviate Parkinson’s patients’ hallucinations and delusions.

Unfortunately, Nuplazid use has been linked to hundreds of deaths. Between June 2016 and March 2017, 244 Nuplazid-related deaths were reported. During that time, there were 2,236 reports of adverse events. More than 700 fatalities have been associated with the drug. Health care professionals have warned that Nuplazid use can actually making psychosis worse or lead to death.

The FDA approved the drug despite safety concerns. Nuplazid was approved by the FDA based solely on one scientific study, despite three prior studies which concluded the drug provided no significant therapeutic benefits.

How To Join The Nuplazid Lawsuit

If you or a family member suffered from severe side effects or even death due to Nuplazid use, it’s important to seek legal help. You may be able to receive compensation for your injury or loss.

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