Defective Hip Implant Latest Updates, September 1, 2018

Defective Hip Implant Latest Updates

The defective hip implant attorneys at Nadrich & Cohen are representing individuals who suffered from elevated chromium or cobalt blood levels or required a revision surgery due to the defective hip implant. We handle cases nationwide.

  1. Zimmer M/L Kinectiv Taper. Zimmer used mismatching metals which leads to metallosis and revision surgeries for certain model numbers of this Taper device.
  2. Encore Metal-on-Metal hip. This device can cause metallosis. Our legal teams are actively filing cases in California and nationwide. This product was manufactured by DGO Orthopedics.

III. Stryker LFIT V40. A 2016 recall has recently been expanded as stated here. We believe the current Stryker recall is inadequate. We are accepting all side effects claims related to this Stryker device. Side effects include metallosis which occurs at the union where the ball meets the femoral stem. When this event occurs a revision surgery is required.

  1. Stryker Rejuvenate and ABG II. We are representing individuals who have suffered similar side effects from these products.
  2. Smith and Nephew Resurfacing Implant. This is a metal-on-metal hip which was targeted for younger, more active patients. Same side effects.

VII. Biomet M2A Magnum. We are actively taking these cases with the same side effects when there has been a revision surgery.

VIII. Zimmer Proxilock. At this time, this device is still on the market and there has been no recall of the device. We continue to intake claims of device failure requiring a revision procedure.

  1. Zimmer Trilogy Acetabular Cup. A Class II FDA recall was issued for this device in 2012. Our legal teams continue to investigate cases where a revision surgery is required.