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Dog Bite Prevention and Awareness on the Rise

With the incident number of dog bites on the rise, we have seen a variety of tactics and strategies proposed and sometimes implemented to curb this growing issue. Some municipalities and organizations go as far as banning breeds of dogs, like the Marines who have an executive order restricting Pit Bulls, Rottweilers and wolf-hybrid breeds and mixes, due to aggressive behavior and the tendency of dog bites from these animals. See a previous post for more details.

While other, non-governing, agencies such as the United States Postal Service are working on promoting awareness of the growing problem in effort to curb the quantity of dog bites that are incurred by their constituents, such as mail carriers for the USPS. Joshua Colin, manager of the USPS Columbus district, gave the following guidelines at the Columbus City Council meeting on October 26th reports columbuslocalnews.com:

  • Restrain the dog from the mailbox
  • If a dog is seen loose, Animal Control should be called
  • If the dog is inside, keep the door closed.

Three Dogs Bite and Attack

Guidelines such as those proposed above by the USPS, having been followed, would have certainly helped Helen Marshall and possibly would have prevented the dog bites altogether. Matthew Peace of myeyewitnessnews.com details the events of the Cordova, Tennessee woman’s early morning walk; “three dogs ran from an open garage and attacked Ms. Marshall’s dog. The pit bulls then began to attack Ms. Marshall when she tried to break up the fight.”

Matthew also mentions that the victim dog “was taken to an animal clinic and is expected to survive. Ms. Marshall is being treated for her dog bites.”

At the time of this posting myeyewitnessnews.com reports “the perpetrating dogs are in custody of the local animal shelter and that the owner is in custody with a bond of half of one million dollars.” “Neighbors say they have had run-ins with the dogs before and that the incident is scary but not surprising.”

Local laws and guidelines are for the benefit and protection of the community as well as these animals. It is important for the protection of all, even the dogs, that local governances are followed. However if you have been involved in an incident call the experts at

Nadrich & Cohen Accident Injury Lawyers for assistance in dealing with your specific situation.


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