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Dog Bite Statistics And Injuries

It is difficult to know exactly if and when a dog is going to bite someone in a certain situation. This is often determined by the dog’s breed and background. If a dog has bitten before, it will almost certainly bite again. Socialization is crucial, especially during the puppy years.

Dog owners must provide ample opportunities for puppies to be around new people, socialize with other dogs and be exposed to different environments. Exposure to different people and settings can help dogs gain confidence. When a dog feels secure, it will generally refrain from biting because it does not feel the need to defend itself.

All dogs are capable of biting, but the ones who have been properly trained will feel less of a need to bite. It is especially important to closely monitor a dog’s exposure to children, since young kids are more likely to be bitten than adults. Due to small body size, dog bites to children are often more serious and can even be fatal.

Dog Bite Statistics And Injuries

Dogs are widely considered to be man’s best friend, but this isn’t true for the 4.5 million Americans who are attacked by a dog each year. Dog bites are a huge liability for insurance companies. In fact, many companies refuse to even provide homeowner’s insurance for those who own certain breeds, such as pit bulls. Dog bites can cause serious injuries or death. Victims commonly suffer lacerations, infections, scarring and disfigurement. Some victims even require skin grafts, surgeries, and lifelong trauma due to the event.

What Is The Average Dog Bite Claim Payout?

In 2014, dog bite claim payouts were at their highest ever. The number of claims decreased by more than 800 since 2013, but the total claim cost skyrocketed to $530 million, as compared to $212 million in 2004. The average dog bite claim paid out just over $32,000. New York has the third highest number of dog bite claims in the country, with an average claim payout of $56,600.

Most Dangerous Dog Breads

Top Ten most dangerous dog breeds

Dog Owner Liability

A dog owner can be sued if his or her dog attacks another person. Each state has its own laws regarding dog bite liability, but in many cases, the dog owner is held liable for any injuries caused by the resulting bite. In California, a dog does not get “one free bite.” In other words, a dog owner can be held liable the first time that his or her dog bites or attacks another person.

A dog owner may be forced to compensate the victim for damage such as medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, disfigurement and more. These damages are commonly paid out via a homeowner’s insurance policy held by the dog owner. In extreme cases of negligence, an owner may also face criminal charges, which can include fines and jail time.

How To Make A Dog Bite Claim

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