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Exhaustion Causing Semi Truck Accidents

Exhaustion Causing Semi Truck Accidents
Exhaustion Causing Semi Truck Accidents

Semi truck accidents seem to be increasing together with the price of fuel. It seems these  big rig accidents are happening due to sleep deprivation and greed. It’s an invitation to disaster when you have a semi truck weighing more than 80,000 pounds, 75 feet long and driven by an operator who hasn’t slept in 30 hours.

According to statistics, only about 1 percent of all fatal truck accidents in the U.S. could be attributed to a drunken truck driver. Truck driver fatigue plays the biggest role in truck accidents, with more than 30 percent of all truck accidents caused by truckers driving without getting the required amount of sleep to function properly.

Tight Deadlines Increase Semi Truck Accidents

The low pay in trucking forces many truckers to drive long hours in order to make enough money to live on, despite federal regulations prohibiting the practice. Unfortunately, tight deadlines imposed by employers contribute to the problem with many drivers putting in 100 hour workweeks and stopping only for fuel or to unload.

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A primary factor in many semi truck accidents has been driver fatigue and it has lead to an astonishing 750 deaths and 20,000 injuries per year. In 2005 the U. S. Department of Transportation (DOT) changed the maximum number of allowable hours that a semi truck operator could drive to 60 hours within a seven day period.

New DOT Regulations Will Reduce Semi Truck Accidents

The DOT reduced the 15 hours that drivers were allowed to drive per day to only 11 hours and that is to follow 10 hours of rest. There is just one problem with that, and it is an economy that allows the dispatchers at the large trucking companies to assign more work to the older drivers who are fearful of losing their only source of income if they refuse the load.

The older drivers are then forced to drive more hours than can be driven legally so many end up falsifying their logbooks and when they finally crash and injure someone from lack of rest they are at fault, not the trucking company who merely pay the fine and continue pushing the drivers.

The problem will be corrected when the DOT is able to enforce the new trucker’s regulations.  When that occurs the personal injury rate due to semi truck accidents will decrease in the US.  Until then, drivers must stay alert on highways that are heavily traveled by semi trucks.

Contact Personal Injury Lawyer

As long as the trucking industry is operating on a 4.8 percent profit margin and the price of fuel continues upward we may be faced with a continuation of this deadly problem. If you or a loved one have suffered loss of property or personal injury due to a semi truck accident please contact a qualified personal injury lawyer at The Law Offices of Nadrich & Cohen, we can help you.

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