Father & Son Die in Motorcycle Accident Due to “Blind Curve”

Motorcycles have always had a rebellious appeal to them as well as being associated with danger and intrigue. Ever since its introduction as a mainstream vehicle, motorcycles have grown increasingly popular. As they have become more common, so have motorcycle crashes. Many of these crashes result from negligence on the part of other motorists in being aware of motorcycles on the road. Another contributing factor to the number of motorcycle crashes is conditions not being favorable for motorcycles.

A tragic example of this was reported on Tuesday, July, 28, 2009 by Keloland News in South Dakota. A father and son were reported dead as a result of a motorcycle crash on one of the areas busiest stretches of roads known as ‘TheGap’ in Rapid City. 33- year old Daniel Smith and his son Hunter were struck on this stretch of road when Malyn Eidem failed to yield when making a left turn onto this busy road, resulting in the deaths of both Daniel and Hunter.

Blind Curves & Motorcycle Accidents
This tragic motorcycle accident and the many injury claims that have been occurring in this area have spurred action. “I think that blind curve coming in there, it was only a matter of time before someone got hit and same with turning out of this parking lot going onto Main” said Becky Heinrich, a nearby worker. Blind curves and other impoverished conditions are often attributed to motorcycle accidents as well as injury claims.

Poor conditions cannot remain scape goats to tragic accidents when something can be done about them. Recognizing this, Rapid City officials are now trying to prevent future accidents along the same stretch of road by increasing the number of gaps in traffic flow. Doing this will allow travelers on this road to have safer opportunities to make left turns and hopefully reduce the number of motorcycle crashes that occur there.

Motorcycle Crashes & Injury Claims
In many accidents, motorcycle drivers get shorted by insurance companies in filing injury claims. For the Smith family, it can only be hoped that they are able to get the settlement that they deserve. With the right motorcycle accident lawyer, victims of motorcycle accidents can have the representation and assistance they need. It may seem unnecessary to get the help of someone who specializes as a motorcycle accident lawyer but having an advocate who is aware of the special circumstances of these kinds of accidents and injury claims can effectively increase the odds of receiving a fair settlement.

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