Fleet Phospho Soda Recall

Fleet Phospho Soda Recall
Fleet Phospho Soda Recall

Prior to administering a colonoscopy a physician prescribes a prep for colonoscopy cleansing program. The Fleet Phospho soda was the most popular colon cleansing program on the market until Fleet voluntarily recalled its Fleet Phospho-soda line of products after the FDA issued a Safety Alert concerning oral sodium phosphate products (OSP) in December, 2008.

The Safety Alert claimed the use of oral sodium phosphate products for bowel cleansing as a prep for colonoscopy or other procedures could cause “acute phosphate nephropathy”, a type of acute kidney injury. At Nadrich & Cohen, our  Fleet Phospho soda lawyers are ready to answer all your questions about acute phosphate nephropathy, call now at 1.800.718.4658 and speak with a specialist.

Over 1200 Fleet Phospho-soda Lawsuits

The products included in the FDAs  warning were the prescription products, Visicol and OsmoPrep, and over the counter OSPs available without a prescription as laxatives, Fleet Phospho soda. Fleet’s litigation problems in both state and Federal courts began in late 2004, with allegations of deterioration of renal function following the use of Fleet Phospho Soda.

On June 23, 2009, the United States Judicial Panel on Multi District Litigation consolidated all federal Oral Sodium Phosphate Solution lawsuits to the Northern District of Ohio, before the Honorable Ann Aldrich. There are about 1,200 lawsuits now pending before the court. Contact an experienced personal injury lawyer at The Law Offices of Nadrich & Cohen today at 1.800-718-4658 and speak with a Phospho soda specialist.

Fleet Phospho Soda Used As Prep For Colonoscopy

The use of Phospho soda has been known to lead to acute phosphate nephropathy. During the 1990s, the manufacturer C.B. Fleet began marketing the product for use at double doses to cleanse the bowels as part of a prep for colonoscopy. When it is used at higher doses for colonoscopy prep, however, it can cause a form of kidney damage.

Double doses of Fleet Phospho soda are not approved by the FDA nor determined to be safe, because it could lead to acute phosphate nephropathy. According to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Acute phosphate nephropathy is a form of acute kidney injury that is associated with deposits of calcium-phosphate crystals in the renal tubules that may result in permanent renal function impairment.

Acute phosphate nephropathy is a rare, serious side effect that has been associated with the use of OSPs. The occurrence of these side effects was previously described in an Information for Healthcare Professionals sheet and an FDA Science Paper issued in May 2006.

Contact Personal Injury Lawyer

Additional cases of acute phosphate nephropathy have been reported to FDA and described in the literature since these were issued. At Nadrich & Cohen we have qualified Fleet Phospho-soda specialists who are experienced in defending the rights of our clients diagnosed with acute phosphate nephropathy.

If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with acute phosphate nephropathy after using Fleet Phospho soda please contact an experienced Fleet Phospho soda lawyer now at The Law Offices of Nadrich & Cohen call 1.800.718.4658 and speak with a specialist.

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