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Take the family along for a fun, self-guided tour of the Fresno County Blossom Festival, with its stunning array of colorful, blooming fruit orchards and fun stopovers along the way.

For farmers in Fresno County, the blooming season starts in mid-February and lasts only a few weeks until March. Enjoy a relaxing drive through the county as you view the amazing prism of spring colors in the county’s peach, nectarine, apricot, almond, plum, and apple orchards in full bloom.

The 62-mile loop is located southeast of Fresno and provides a fun, seasonal ride for drivers and cyclists alike. Here’s a quick rundown of the route:

  • The fun starts at Simonian Farms, a 1901-era fruit stand open for four generations. Inside the red barn is a model of a bygone-era western town, with charming saloon, church, schoolhouse and barber shop buildings. You’ll also view a selection of farm antiques suspended from the ceiling. The farm offers a driving map for the Fresno County Blossom Festival as well as unique, local snacks.
  • The next stop is the Blossom Trail Cafe, where you can enjoy western hospitality and a delicious, satisfying local breakfast.
  • Next you can choose a direction, headed toward Centerville and its Fruit Station, offering local honey and preserves, or heading east for even more stunning scenery and photo opportunities.
  • For the next step past Minkler, you can choose a direction for more blossoming scenery, or stop by the Cedar View Winery, with its exquisite samplings and fruit orchards.
  • If you brought the kids along, they’ll love Reedley, with its miniature steam train rides through the peach and plum orchards. It’s a fun, unique experience to top off your Blossom Festival trip.

Photography is welcome along the way, and you can upload your photos to the Fresno County Blossom Trail website or enter them in the annual Blossom Trail Art Contest, the winner of which will get their photo featured on the next Fresno County Blossom Tour poster.

It’s a short season, but you can return between May and September, when the trail becomes the Fresno County Fruit Trail. Stop by the many produce stands along the way for delicious, fresh fruit from our county farmer’s orchards.

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