Hernia Mesh Lawsuit Update



Our national Hernia mesh lawsuit program in full swing. We and our law firm partners have reviewed over a thousand hernia mesh cases. We expect the first trials to occur in 2019 and/or 2020. Our law firms are reviewing cases daily. We have a surgeon on call who reviews complicated presentations.

Our legal teams are actively filing suits in federal and state courts.

The current status of lawsuits against hernia mesh manufacturers are as follows:

1. Ethicon Physiomesh. This is the only product that has been officially recalled by a mesh manufacturer. Cases involving Physiomesh are active and ongoing.

2. Ethicon multi-layered meshes. This includes the Proceed surgical mesh, the Ventral Patch Mesh, the Prolene hernia system, Physiomesh, and the Prolene 3D mesh. Those who have had these meshes implanted have had their cases removed to federal court. They have been consolidated in New Jersey State Court. Our law firm teams are active in the New Jersey state court cases. We expect over 1,000 cases to be filed by 12/31/18.

3. Bard Meshes. This includes Composix, Ventralex, Prefix, Kugel and the Sepra mesh product lines. These cases are being filed in Rhode Island State Court.

4. Atrium C-QUR. This mesh product causes post-implantation infections due to an acid coating. Injuries are infections which require hospitalization. They develop between 90 days to several years after implantation. We have been in taking cases involving this mesh product for over 18 months.