I-29 Traffic Re-Routed Following Automobile Accident

Construction zones can be dangerous places for both workers and the drivers passing through them. While many safety precautions are often taken, it is easy for both drivers and workers to slip into neglect of their surroundings.

In the afternoon of August 31st outside of Sioux City, Iowa, three automobiles were involved in a car accident in an area of construction along a stretch of Siouxland road.

3-Car Automobile Accident
NBC affiliate KTIV reported that two vehicles had stopped and the third did not see them until it was too late. Passengers of the three automobiles involved in the accident received only minor injuries and were hospitalized as a precaution.

Police re-directed I-29 North traffic off of the interstate at the Singing Hills Boulevard until the scene was cleaned and the involved motorists and their automobiles were taken away. The investigation of the incident is ongoing by local police and KTIV did not report that any charges were filed yet in the case.

Automobile Accidents in Construction Zones
Construction zones usually carry their own set of site-specific regulations for motorists. Some of these restrictions include speeds being reduced, passing may be limited, and the stiff penalties for breaking any regulations are strictly enforced. During construction hours, workers in these zones, particularly along highways, face the obvious dangers from traffic and automobile accidents.

Passengers also face their own threats from other motorists who may be unfamiliar with the road or uncomfortable in the irregular conditions. These scenes also cause motorists to pay more attention to the scene instead of paying attention to the road.

Extra care should always be exercised when passing through any construction zones to avoid the possibility of an automobile accident.

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