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Imperial County Nursing Homes Have COVID-19 Outbreaks, History Of Violations

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Imperial County’s three nursing homes have seen 102 residents test positive for COVID-19, with 26 resident deaths. 108 healthcare workers in the nursing homes have tested positive.

Imperial Heights Healthcare & Wellness Center has seen 27 positive residents, nine resident deaths, 37 positive healthcare workers and under 11 COVID-related healthcare worker deaths.

Imperial Manor has seen 27 positive residents and 34 positive healthcare workers.

Valley Convalescent Center has seen 48 positive residents, 17 COVID-related resident deaths and 37 positive healthcare workers.

The nursing homes had a history of violations and poor ratings before the COVID-19 pandemic came around, however, according to inewsource:

• Imperial Heights staff waited 12 hours to tell a hospital one of its residents transported to the hospital might have ingested hand sanitizer. The woman died of acute ethanol intoxication and Imperial Heights was fined $6,000.

• Imperial Heights was fined $2,000 because employees failed to repute alleged abuse of a resident to management.

• Imperial Heights failed to use a hamper when handling soiled bed linens and laundry, and their staff member failed to use gloves while doing trash removal.

• Valley Convalescent Center failed to follow a 96-year-old resident’s care plan and failed to provide the resident with mats on each side of her bed for injury prevention. The resident fell by her bed and broke her leg, necessitating a below-knee amputation. The nursing home was ordered to pay $2,000.

• Valley Convalescent had unlabeled oral hygiene products in a shared restroom and failed to follow its own hand hygiene policy.

• Imperial Manor’s most recent health inspection found 11 deficiencies.

• A federal inspector found “a soiled incontinence brief” lying in the middle of a resident’s bed at Imperial Manor.

A September report stated that most of California’s 25 worst nursing home outbreaks happened at nursing homes with poor inspection ratings. Poor staffing, particularly registered nurse staffing, was commonly seen in the nursing homes with the worst outbreaks.

California’s nursing homes have seen 26,104 positive residents and 4,475 resident deaths. The 1,223 nursing homes in the state have seen 19,617 healthcare workers infected and 149 healthcare workers die.

Over 34.4 million cases of COVID-19 have been reported worldwide, and over 1.02 million deaths have been attributed to the disease. There have been over 200,000 COVID-19-related deaths in the United States.

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