Just for Men® Lawsuit | Chemical Burn & Rash Injuries

Just For Men LawsuitHave you suffered an allergic reaction from Just For Men hair dye, which colors the hair and beard and eliminates gray in men?

We are reviewing potential side effect cases of men who have suffered the following:

  • Scarring, infections and other injuries;
  • Rash, swelling or any skin irritations;

Chemical burns caused by Just For Men because certain men had an allergic reaction without knowing of the possibility of the reaction. We are investigating side effect claims nationwide caused by the Just For Men hair and beard products. Side effects reported have included users who were hospitalized and suffered permanent scarring. We are interviewing side effect victims to obtain a monetary recovery of those who have suffered the following:

  • A. Chemical burns, scarring or permanent skin color changes;
  • B. Hospitalization due to an allergic reaction to Just For Men product;
  • C. Medical treatment for rashes, infections, skin reactions, sores from Just For Men.

Just For Men Lawsuit

Just For Men side effect casesWe are contingency lawyers so there are no out of pocket costs to you in order for us to represent you or your loved one. We are only paid if we obtain a recovery from the manufacturer. Just For Men is a widely marketed hair, beard and mustache dye for men. It has been marketed on television for years through sports personalities such as baseball player Keith Hernandez and basketball player Walt Frazier.

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Problems with Just For Men products have now reached the public concerning severe allergic reactions and skin irritations. We are concerned that this is due to inadequate warnings provided by the manufacturer and the chemical formula of the current Just For Men product. he chemicals involved include a chemical known as P-Phenylnediamine (PPD) which is a known skin irritant and has been linked to severe reactions in other products.

The FDA has previously banned use of PPD in other cosmetic products when they are applied on the skin. It is a known skin irritant. We are concerned because the PPD Just For Men product is applied to the face of those with beards and mustaches.

We believe that any manufacturer warnings to purchases are inadequate and do not completely convey the full effect of the chemical reaction such as skin reactions, allergies, permanent scarring, etc. We believe that proper warnings concerning the allergies and scarring were available to place on the product that consumers would avoid these side effects which could also lead to permanent scarring.

Nadrich & Cohen, LLP, a national personal injury law firm, is investigating victims’ side effects in all 50 states. We are reviewing cases for class action, individual lawsuits or individual injury claims, for men hospitalized or requiring medical treatment due to Just For Men.

We believe the following are the problems in the Just For Men project:

  • A. As always, consumer product manufacturers placing profits over health;
  • B. Failure to issue a recall to remove ingredients which are known skin irritants;
  • C. Withholding information concerning side effects experienced by other Just For Men users;
  • D. Changing the chemical make up/composition of the product;
  • E. Failure to warn of the risks of the product due to allergies, skin reactions, scarring, etc.
  • F. Providing inadequate instructions to use the product;

Over the last 25 years, our clients have collected over $250 million against the manufacturers of dangerous products, corporations and insurance companies. We are contingency fee lawyers so there are no out of pocket costs to you in order to hire us.

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