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The Gateway Science Museum at CSU Chico strives to be a stimulating environment to engage youth in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). If you’re planning on taking your kids to the museum, they will just think it’s all-out fun!

There are constantly new hands-on interactive exhibits such as From Here to There, running from Jan – May 2019. It’s an exploration of how things move by land, air, and sea where your kiddos will lift, launch, and levitate while they learn about friction, gravity, and the laws of motion

Beauty & The Beast: California Wildflowers & Climate Change starts in May and runs thru the end of summer 2019. The exhibit displays stunning images, offer an overview of California’s geographic regions – Central Valley, Mountains, Coastal, and Desert – and teaches about climate change, the power of fire and renewal, and so much more.

American Wolves: From Tragedy to Inspiration. This exhibit will only be at the museum until May 2019 but it’s one that is not only educational but thought-provoking. Discover America’s wolves: The Red Wolf, Gray Wolf, Mexican Wolf, and Eastern Wolf. It encourages activity through games. We may not realize how important wolves are to their habitat. You and the kids will learn how you can help save our wolves.

There’s many other permanent fun, hands-on learning activities for the kids as well. Making this an opportunity to open up your kids’ minds to a love for life-long learning and creativity is what it’s all about.

The Gateway Science Museum also offers field trips for all of K-12. If you’re kids get the chance to go, that’s great! However, plan on making a trip back with them as inevitably there will be more to see that was perhaps missed during the field trip.

The hours of the museum are from January – May 2019, Wednesdays through Sunday from 12pm to 5pm. If you’re a member, admission is free. Otherwise adults are $7 and kids are $5. Kids under 2 and CSU Chico students are free (with ID).

There are group sales available so if you’re a stay-at-home looking for somewhere to take the kids with your mommy-group, this would be the perfect afternoon outing.

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