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Santa Cruz Personal Injury Lawyers

Personal injury claims are extremely common. This is not attributable merely to ours being a litigious society. Rather, there are simply many situations where a person may suffer injury, whether it be due to negligence or intent. Dog bites, defective products, slip and falls, medical malpractice, pedestrian accidents, car crashes – the list of ways in which individuals suffer injury is long indeed. As common as an accident is when a person becomes injured they generally are unsure of how to proceed. The defendant’s insurance company typically contacts the claimant after the claim is filed and tries to convince him not to seek the services of an attorney. However, this is just what you should do. By hiring a personal injury lawyer at Nadrich & Cohen you are giving your claim the best chance of success.

Negligence and Duty of Care

Personal injury claims fall under tort law. As such, a claimant, or plaintiff, seeks damages from the insurance company of the tortfeasor. In order to prove a claim you, as the plaintiff will need to show the following:
  1. The defendant owed a duty of care to you. This duty exists if the defendant is your doctor, is a manager of the store where you slipped and fell, or owns/manages the apartment building where you fell because the stairwell is not adequately lit.
  2. The defendant must be shown to have breached this duty of care. A breach implies that the responsible party either knew of a dangerous condition or should have. This is the distinction between knowledge and constructive knowledge.
  3. You, the plaintiff, suffered injury for which there are damages. These damages may be economic or non-economic in nature.
  4. The breach must be shown to be the proximate cause of the injuries you suffered.

What Your Personal Injury Attorney Will Do for You

Unless you have legal expertise and have passed the bar it is probably in your best interests to hire a personal injury lawyer to handle your case. Many claimants think they can save money by negotiating with the claims adjuster on their own. However, such negotiations usually result in a lower settlement than you could have received with an attorney. Indeed, you may not even receive enough compensation to cover your expenses, such as the cost of your medical treatment.

When your attorney accepts your case he will conduct a full investigation. This will include interviewing witnesses, obtaining of copies of pertinent documents such as the police report and your medical records, photographing the area where the accident occurred, etc. He will then send a letter of demand to the insurance adjuster. This letter will contain a settlement amount that is higher than your attorney expects your case can actually bring. If all goes well, the insurance adjuster will negotiate in good faith and ultimately a fair settlement will be agreed upon.

If no settlement is forthcoming, your attorney will discuss with you whether your case is likely to succeed in a jury trial. If it is, your attorney will represent you as your case is litigated.

We Are Here to Fight for You

Santa Cruz Personal Injury Lawyers If you have suffered an injury in an accident that is someone else’s fault you have enough to deal with simply trying to recuperate without having to fight an insurance company that is only interested in making money at the expense of claimants like you. Hire a personal injury attorney with Nadrich & Cohen, LLP. We have a successful track record of representing individuals like yourself and helping them get back on their feet.

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