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If you love science, the California Science Center is the perfect place to spend the day. With exhibits, special features, an IMAX theater and more, you can spend the whole day exploring the fascinating world of science with the whole family.

Start with the galleries of permanent, hands-on exhibits, where you’ll learn about human inventions, innovations, biological processes, and more.

Next, move on to the special exhibits, like Mission 26: The Big Endeavor, where you can see the Space Shuttle Endeavor. It’s longer than two school buses and 57 feet high! The exhibit highlights amazing scenes from the shuttle during its flight over California and its journey through the city streets as it traveled to its final home at the California Science Center.

You won’t want to miss the IMAX theater, with remarkable, clear imagery on its seven-story laser screen. You can enjoy all the amazing sights and sounds of nature in spectacular display, including erupting volcanoes, rain forests, deep space, and more!

The California Science Center has a fun assortment of programs and events, including science camps, demonstrations, field trips, professional development, and more. There’s something for everyone at the California Science Center

The California Science Center is in LA’s Exposition Park, where you’ll also find the California African American Museum. The museum offers an engaging experience celebrating black art, history, culture, and identity. There are plenty of kid-friendly workshops, historical and modern exhibitions, adult workshops, talks, concerts, and performances, creating an immersive, unforgettable experience.

Also located nearby is the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles, with engaging exhibits, performing arts, festivals, youth activities, and more. The museum protects over 35 million natural history specimens, some of which are as old as 4.5 billion years. Museum scientists track the earth’s biodiversity to contribute to global environmental conservation efforts.

Finally, be sure to attend an event at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum, a living WWI memorial that hosts spectacular events like the Olympics, championship games like the Super Bowl, concerts by famous bands, and more. The coliseum seats over 78,000 people and is located on an 18-acre site. Following a $300 million renovation this year, it will be renamed as the United Airlines Memorial Coliseum.

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