Medtronic Paradigm Pump

Medtronic Paradigm Pump Lawsuit

Medtronic Paradigm Pump LawsuitOn June 10th, 2013, Medtronic issued a letter to patients who had been prescribed the Medtronic Paradigm pump, warning that there could be times in which the insulin pump is either over or underdosing the patient with insulin. Sadly, the results of underdosed or overdosing insulin causes side efftects which can lead to death.

We are representing victims throughout California and throughout the United States who used the Medtronic Paradigm pump and suffered terrible consequences or side effects from either being under or overdosed with insulin by the pump.

Many of the Medtronic Paradigm pumps have been recalled.

The FDA has supplied a list of the models included in the recall as follows:

Models: MMT-317, MMT-318, MMT-324, MMT-325, MMT-312S, MMT-312L, MMT-386, MMT-387, MMT-394, MMT-396, MMT-397, MMT-398, MMT-399, MMT-377, MMT-378, MMT-381, MMT-382, MMT-383, MMT-384, MMT-368, MMT-862, MMT-864, MMT-866, MMT-874, MMT-876, MMT-884, MMT-886, MMT-921, MMT-923, MMT-925, MMT-941, MMT-943, MMT-945, MMT-961, MMT-963, MMT-965, & MMT-975 Paradigm Infusion sets.

The dates in which the Paradigm pumps have been removed from the market are for products which were manufactured from October 2001 to June 2013. There was a subsequent Reservoir Recall on July 3, 2013 for the models or lot numbers of the MMT-326A and MMT-332A reservoir systems which are used in the Paradigm pumps. This was due to a leak in the reservoir within the pump which can cause leakage. The leakage could cause the patient to receive less insulin leading to serious side effects. The lots which are the subject of the July 2013 reservoir recall are:

The lots affected by the Reservoir Recall are: H8416432, H8461538, H8489386, H8512826, H8420977, H8463297, H8491921, H8515317, H8422490, H8464121, H8492449, H8517079, H8424676, H8467888, H8494645, H8521052, H8437486, H8469703, H8496561, H8539013, H8441420, H8471745, H8500423, H8541843, H8442973, H8473106, H8500472, H8584244, H8451531, H8473271, H8503372, H8603292, H8452933, H8476270, H8503728, H8604958, H8455959, H8478398, H8509305, H8627745, H8457716, H8485398, H8510440, H8635301, H8459557, H8486688, H8512566.

If you or a loved one suffered insulin pump side effects or died while on the the Medtronic Paradigm insulin pump we will determine whether or not you have a claim for wrongful death against Medtronic.

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