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We all love walking our dogs but if you’re wishing for a place to let them run loose, play ball or frisbee without having to worry about them running off, and being socialized with other dogs, then the Modesto Dog Park is the place for you and your pooch!

This is a great dog park, with well-kept grounds, that offers separated gated areas for large dogs and small dogs. There’s also a digging section as well as plenty of room for your four-legged friends to run free.

Another great aspect of this dog park is that there is a lot of shade for you to enjoy while your supervising your dog, benches for your convenience, and many dog owners to share stories and great conversation.

Dog stations are available with clean-up bags so that our Modesto Dog Park stays clean for all to use as well as a doggie water fountain to keep your dog hydrated.

I suggest that you bring extra water bottles for yourself, a water bowl for your dog, and a few dogs toys for something fun for you and your dog to do together. It’s smart to wear closed toed shoes as well since it’s primarily sand so chances are your dog may need a bath after if they play too hard.

As will all dog parks, a little word of caution to be aware of the actions of other dogs. We’ve never experienced a dog owner that wasn’t quick to respond but for the safety of your own dog, it’s best to be proactive.

If your dog can’t run enough at home, the Modesto Dog Park is your best option.

If you have kids along with you, right next to the dog park is Elk Park, a great park with a small playground with two slides and a rock-climbing area. As parents, we “divide and conquer”. One of us goes with the kids to tire them out, the other with the dog to tire them out …. win-win for some quiet parent time when we get home!

Further about Modesto

Let’s play ball! It’s baseball season and we have our own minor league team here, the Modesto Nuts at John Thurman Field. Baseball is so much better when you can route on your own hometown favorite!