New York High School Faces Asbestos Exposure

How aware are we of the causal chains that surround our everyday actions? By its very nature, an action always has consequences. Now, I am not saying that every action has a negative consequence but Newton’s third law can be applied to more than just gravity: for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.

It is very easy at times not to be mindful of the consequences of our actions. It is often in these times that accidents occur. For many teachers and students at Roosevelt High School, the consequences of the neglect of others is all too real and dangerous. They now face the risk of mesothelioma after being exposed to the dangerous carcinogen, asbestos.

High School Exposed to Asbestos

An article from described the dangerous situation students and employees of Roosevelt High now face. Workers from Superior Abatement Inc. were supposed to be renovating the roof which contained water proofing material that contained asbestos.

It was reported that teachers began to notice white powder falling from the ceiling while these workers were repairing the roof. An investigation by an inspector revealed that the white powder was indeed the dangerous chemical and that the workers neglected to follow safety protocol.

Action and Consequence

The consequence of the action of following safety procedures when dealing with chemicals such as asbestos is that you will have to work a little harder but the risk of exposing people to a cancer causing agent is drastically reduced. The consequence of neglecting these procedures is that you are able to be lazy and expose unaware victims to a cancer causing agent.

Roosevelt’s school assistant principle outright denies the investigators findings claiming that the white powder was Styrofoam. Since the accident, the school board has ensured that the property was safe and now free of asbestos.

We hope the assistant principle is correct. If it is the case that he is not correct, it is a real shame to prevent innocent victims from taking preventative steps if they really were exposed to highly toxic levels of asbestos. Especially if these words of dissuasion were merely to cover the school’s image.

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