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Multiple Nursing Homes In Modesto, Stanislaus County Have COVID-19 Outbreaks

Multiple Nursing Homes In Modesto, Stanislaus County Have COVID-19 Outbreaks

Three nursing homes in Stanislaus County currently have significant active COVID-19 outbreaks, according to state data.

Hy-Lond Health Care Center in Modesto had 30 positive residents today and has had 119 cumulative positive residents since the pandemic began. The nursing home has seen 16 COVID-related resident deaths, 61 positive healthcare workers and under 11 healthcare worker deaths since the pandemic began.

Allison Griffith, a Hy-Lond spokesperson, told The Modesto Bee that 34 residents have tested positive since the outbreak began there on November 14, and that 26 had COVID-19 when they were admitted to Hy-Lond. Those 26 were sent to Hy-Lond’s coronavirus unit by other facilities. The unit opened when the outbreak started.

Griffith said three residents have died, seven have been discharged and three are in the hospital, regarding the current outbreak. Five staff members have tested positive and three have recovered.

Griffith said the outbreak probably started when a staff member caught the virus in the community and was asymptomatic or developing symptoms while working.

Griffith said two nursing homes can follow the same safety protocols, one will face and outbreak and the other won’t.

“The spread is just multifactorial and there’s so many moving parts to containing an outbreak in a skilled nursing facility,” she said, “which is why it’s just vital that the staff and residents of skilled nursing facilities be put on highest priority to receive the vaccine.”

Griffith said the COVID-19 unit has a separate entrance from the rest of the building and that dedicated staff provide care to the residents there. Griffith said the facility follows CDC guidelines.

Oakdale Nursing and Rehabilitation Center had 67 positive residents today and has had 75 cumulative positive residents. The facility has seen under 11 COVID-related resident deaths and 86 positive healthcare workers since the beginning of the pandemic.

The facility has isolation wings for COVID-19 patients, prohibits visitors, routinely tests staff and residents, and has purchased additional sanitizing machines, according to David Rodrigues of Oak Valley Hospital District.

Turlock Nursing and Rehabilitation Center had 37 positive residents today and has seen 155 cumulative positive residents, 42 COVID-related resident deaths and 86 cumulative positive healthcare workers.

Turlock Nursing has a coronavirus recovery unit with a floor-to-ceiling plastic barrier and air treatment units, among other safety precautions.

State data, on Thursday, showed seven other facilities with between one and 10 active cases of COVID-19 in Stanislaus County.


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