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Personal Injury and Swimming Pool Accidents

Personal injury law is rewarding when we help our clients get compensation they deserve.  We understand probably better than most that accidents happen and when they do, people often get injured. Unfortunately, sometimes the story ends extremely upsetting with a death.

While reading news online, an article about a four-year-old child jumped out.  The article by Jim Gaines on bgdailynews.com tells that a mother “dropped off her son at the Three Springs Road campground on June 14 for a family birthday party.”

Drowning at KOA

“20 to 25 people were in the campground’s swimming pool, including several children, and the boy’s grandmother was watching from the fence, but may have been preoccupied talking with others for a few minutes,” said Trooper Charles Swiney, reports Jim Gaines.

“According to the suit filed against KOA, the ‘pool water was so cloudy that searchers couldn’t see Triston at the bottom of the pool; he was discovered when a swimmer bumped into his body,’” reports bgdailynews.com.

Preventing Swimming Pool Accidents

As Fall and Winter continue to make the climate cooler, the overt risk for drowning decreases naturally due to a drop in the number of people participating in water sports.  Just like constant vigilance is the best way to protect young swimmers, similar precautions need to be taken to prevent access to the swimming pool areas.

Simple things like gating the access to the pool area and making sure that the security features are working properly.  Knowing what small children are doing, where they are playing and checking on them often is another series of simple steps to preventing accidents.

It is also important to know what safety restrictions are required for pools and spas in your area.  Even though not all swimming pool accidents end in drowning, you may still be liable if someone gets hurt.

Our information on swimming pool injury is a great resource to start with.  If you or someone you love has been injured due to a swimming pool or spa, contact our swimming pool specialists at Nadrich and Cohen.


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