Preschooler Survives Swimming Pool Accident Caused by Uncovered Drain, Miami

Swimming pools can be very dangerous places, especially for young children. Even with proper supervision and safety devices, a large number of swimming pool accidents continue to occur each year due to faulty equipment.

One instance of swimming pool accidents occurring due to faulty pool equipment occurred in a Key Biscayne pool near Miami. Miami and Key Biscayne firefighters and other rescue workers proved invaluable in rescuing a three-year-old girl from an in-properly covered drain.

While the young girl thankfully was rescued, her story reminds us of the importance of proper drain covers as an article from the Miami Herald reminds us.

3-Yr-Old Caught in Drain
The Miami Herald reported this story on August 27, 2009. The main details will be summarized here but please refer to the original article for more details. The young girl was swimming in a condominium’s swimming pool when an uncovered drain caught her hand.

Firefighters were able to keep her head above water for about an hour while they were forced to cut a concrete and steel pipe to free her hand.

Virginia Graeme Baker Pool & Spa Safety Act
As mentioned previously, the Miami Herald was able to clearly see that this accident was a source of concern for proper covers for swimming pool drains. A recent federal law gives hope to pool safety advocates that such incidents will be reduced.

The Virginia Graeme Baker Pool and Spa Safety Act is a federal law that obligates public pools and spas to have safety covers over drains, as described in the article from the Miami Herald.

This law is meant to protect young children and others from being trapped by the suction from drains. Though it only obliges public pools, there is hope that it will encourage private pool owners to install such devices.

We hope for a good recovery for the young girl and that she does not suffer lasting effects from this swimming pool accident. Swimming pool accident lawyers serve those who suffer such accidents as this offering them advocacy and hope in the wake of these tragic accidents.

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